Bridging the Gap for a Brand New Smile

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give you a complete, beautiful, natural-looking smile, and we take that task very seriously at Grinnell Street Dental.
A large portion of cosmetic dentistry isn’t actually cosmetic, believe it or not. Often, restorative dental procedures are all you need to get a great-looking grin that you are proud to show off. Missing teeth make a smile unattractive, but they also can cause problems with the functionality of your mouth. You may have problems with chewing and speaking, and your remaining teeth may shift to compensate for the missing teeth.
If you have one or more missing teeth in a row, we may recommend a dental bridge to bridge the gap between your teeth. A bridge is a custom device that is anchored to neighboring teeth to replace one or more missing teeth.
Before a bridge can be placed, the teeth on either side of the missing one are prepared as crowns to serve as abutments to hold the prosthetic tooth in place. Crowns and bridges are usually fabricated using high-quality materials, such as semiprecious or precious metals, porcelain, or a fused combination of the two.
To ensure the functionality and natural appearance of your smile makeover, we will consider several factors of your bite, natural tooth structure, and physical appearance when designing your dental bridge. A dental bridge is completely secured, so you never have to worry about your replacement teeth becoming loose or misaligned.
A dental bridge can last for at least 8 years with proper care and hygiene. We recommend dental bridges for patients looking to renew their smile in an ultra-conservative way. Call our dental office in Sheridan, Wyoming, at (307) 672-7567 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Porcelain Veneers: The Smile Makeover Procedure

Cosmetic dentistry is really amazing. With today’s modern technology, you can get a brand new, beautiful smile without any surgery in just one day. We offer a number of cosmetic dental procedures at Grinnell Street Dental, but there is one procedure that seems to be a great fit for people with all kinds of cosmetic dental needs.
This procedure is porcelain veneers, and it is often referred to as the smile makeover procedure. Porcelain veneers are the most conservative esthetic restorations available in dentistry today. If you have stained or discolored, gapped, unevenly spaced, short or stubby, or crooked teeth, porcelain veneers could give you the smile you have been dreaming of.
Veneers are thin, durable shells made from quality porcelain that adhere directly to your front teeth. A thin layer of your tooth enamel will be removed to allow your veneers to be smooth and look natural. Once placed, your veneers will immediately give you a brand new, fantastic smile.
Porcelain veneers are just as strong as natural teeth, and can last up to 20 years with proper care and hygiene. Additionally, they are stain resistant and won’t discolor, so you never have to worry about whitening your new smile.
Porcelain veneers are called the smile makeover for a reason. If you think veneers may be the answer to your smile desires, we invite you to contact Grinnell Street Dental at (307) 672-7567 in Sheridan, Wyoming to schedule an appointment.

You Fell in Love with His Smile, So Let’s Bring it Back

It’s a proven fact that women tend to smile more than men. In fact, some studies show that women smile up to 8 times more. While that number is more equal for men and women in similar careers, a Business Media Networks study shows that female grins greatly outnumber male smiles on social networking websites.
Why are men so hesitant to flash a big grin? Several factors, such as culture and age, have to do with to how often someone smiles, but the difference between men and women is due to a psychological factor. Believe it or not, men don’t tend to notice when they are being observed throughout the day. Women notice all the time. Hard to believe, right?
If the man in your life doesn’t smile as much as you would like, try to find out what’s holding him back. It’s possible that stress is to blame, but what if the problem is more appearance-based? Cosmetic dentistry may be the way to put a big smile on your guy’s face.
We’re the Grinnell Street Dental dentists, and we have been giving people beautiful smiles with the help of cosmetic dentistry for years.  We offer a multitude of cosmetic dental procedures, ranging from teeth whitening, to porcelain veneers, to dental implants. Depending on his smile goals, we can touch-up or completely makeover his smile.
If cosmetic dentistry is the way to go, we’d like to sit down at a consultation to discuss what your significant other wants to get out of his smile makeover. Call Grinnell Street Dental at (307) 672-7567 to make an appointment. Don’t let your guy’s smile hide out any longer!

Smile Quiz

Cosmetic dentistry is an amazing thing. Countless procedures exist that have the ability to give you a brand new smile that you will love.
Here at Grinnell Street Dental, we want to be your cosmetic dental care providers. We want to be here for you through every step of your smile makeover, from consultation to the final, beautiful result.
First, however, it’s necessary for you to identify what you like and dislike about your smile. This quiz will help you decide.

  1. What color best describes your teeth? Bright white, Yellowish, Gray-blue, or Brownish
  2. Which term best describes the position of your front teeth? Perfectly straight, Gapped, Crowded, or Uneven
  3. Which adjective describes the shape of your front teeth? Nice and attractive, Pointy, Uneven, or Rough-edged
  4. Which words describe the size of your teeth? Proportionate to my mouth/face, Too big, Too small, Too short, Too long
  5. How do you feel about your smile? I love it, It’s embarrassing, It’s okay, I don’t smile

This quiz is all about how you feel when you look in the mirror, so there are no correct or incorrect answers. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with your answers, though. We offer the cosmetic dental procedures that can correct the things you want to change about your smile right here in our Sheridan, Wyoming office.
Some of these procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Tooth reshaping/recontouring
  • White fillings and crowns
  • Replacement teeth

If you are ready to begin your transformation to get the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of, we encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment. At this consultation, we will discuss your dental goals and design a treatment plan specifically for you and your unique needs.
We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on the journey to your perfect smile together!

Upgrade Old Fillings for a Metal-Free Mouth

Have you ever noticed a bright smile, only to be distracted by black fillings in the person’s back teeth? Unfortunately, if you have traditional fillings, others have probably noticed them on you, as well.
With advanced dental technology as available as it is, there is no reason for unsightly fillings to draw attention away from your smile. Traditional, amalgam fillings are a thing of the past at Grinnell Street Dental. We only use fillings and restorations made from natural composite resin and top-of-the-line porcelain.
Cosmetically, replacing your dark, metal fillings with composite fillings is like giving new life to your smile. Composite fillings are tooth-colored, so they blend right in with your natural tooth structure. You will no longer have to worry about flashing a big, toothy grin because your restorations will be completely natural looking and unnoticeable.
There may be another reason to consider replacing your old-fashioned fillings, as well. If you had fillings placed when you were younger, it is likely that these amalgam fillings have started to deteriorate. These fillings are made from a combination of mercury, copper, zinc, silver, and a few other materials, and it has been debated that they are harmful to your health. If your fillings have deteriorated, it is possible that they have begun to leak, potentially causing further decay to the tooth underneath.
Replacing your fillings is a simple procedure. We will remove what’s left of your amalgam filling, clean the area, and place the composite filling. These fillings are as durable as natural teeth, so you will not need to worry about the filling wearing down from the normal stress and pressure your teeth endure every day.
If you’re ready to upgrade your old-fashioned fillings for a metal-free mouth, please call our office in Sheridan, Wyoming at (307) 672-7567.

Brighten Up Your Pearly Whites

If you had to guess the number one thing that people notice about you when first meeting you, what would you choose? It’s not your hair color or style, your clothing, or your body shape. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not your eyes.
Believe it or not, it’s your smile! A bright, healthy-looking smile gives off a stellar first impression. It is proven that people who smile a lot are thought to exude confidence, and statistics show that people with great smiles are more likely to have a quality, high-paying job, as well as a satisfactory personal life.
This is just one of the reasons we are dedicated to giving you a beautiful, healthy smile here at Grinnell Street Dental. We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can give you a new lease on a smile that has lost its luster.
We have seen our patients fall in love with their smiles from all of the treatments we offer at our Sheridan, Wyoming office, but one procedure is requested more than any other: teeth whitening.
Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure out there, and it’s for good reason. Teeth whitening can take years off of your appearance, and it happens almost instantly. (more…)

Invisalign Braces for a Clearly Sensational Smile

If you’ve gone through life with crooked teeth, it’s time to treat yourself to a new image, a new smile, and a new sense of self-confidence. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror each morning and loving what you see. With Invisalign clear braces, you can have the smile of your dreams:

Without metal braces

In less time than traditional braces

Without the hassle of a fixed appliance

Invisalign involves a custom system of clear acrylic aligners that slip into — and out of — your mouth. You can remove them to eat, clean your teeth, or for an important appointment. Traditional braces take about 2 years of treatment time, but with Invisalign, you could have your straighter, more beautiful smile in 9, 12, or 18 months. Invisalign is perfect for teens and adults, and it also works well for patients who used to wear braces, but whose teeth have moved out of place through the years.

Ready for the smile of your dreams? Call Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, Wyoming today at 307-672-7567 to schedule a smile makeover consultation. Dr. Donald, Dr. Cody, and Dr. Justin Coon clearly have the right solution – Invisalign!

Your Mouth: A Finely Tuned Machine

What’s your dream car? Be exotic. It’s okay. Now, see how shiny and beautiful the car looks in your imagination? You’d look 10 years younger behind the wheel, wouldn’t you?
And now, let’s pop the hood. Oooooh… the engine looks spectacular. Listen to that rumble. All the perfect parts are working in perfect harmony, and this is the perfect mode of transportation.
Okay, now open your eyes and look in the mirror. What would your dream smile look like? If it were shiny and beautiful, you’d look 10 years younger, wouldn’t you?
Now, let’s pop the hood. How do those crowns and fillings look? Do you notice any stains or chips? Are any of your teeth crooked, broken, worn down, or oddly spaced? Do you have fang-like canine teeth?
How does your smile run? Are your gums in good shape? Any loose teeth? How about those jaw joints… do you get headaches, do your jaws pop or click? Are you prone to chronic earaches or facial pain?
Could be that your smile needs a little refurbishing. (more…)

Quiz: Do You Need Dental Implants?

If you’re one of the 69% of adults who have lost one or more teeth, dental implant research should be on your to-do list. The more you know about oral health and treatment options, the better you’ll feel about making decisions at the dentist’s office. This short quiz will help you decide whether it’s time for a dental implant consultation at Grinnell Street Dental.

  • I’ve lost one or more teeth.
  • It’s time to replace my bridge, partial, or denture.
  • I prefer conservative dentistry.
  • My dentures are loose, wobbly, or uncomfortable.
  • It seems like I constantly have to get my dentures relined.
  • My top denture makes me gag.
  • I want a hassle-free daily dental care routine.
  • I hate denture adhesive.
  • I like to eat chewy, hard, and tough foods.
  • I want to eat whatever I want without worrying about my teeth slipping.


Everyone Family Needs a Dentist to Make Them Smile!

Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, Wyoming is a family dentist… or is that family of dentists? Dr. Donald Coon, Dr. Cody Coon, and Dr. Justin Coon take their profession personally. With a true sense of family, this terrific trio provides comprehensive preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages. You’ll feel right at home from them moment you call to schedule your first appointment!
In addition to six-month checkups and cleanings to keep your loved ones’ smiles in tip-top shape, Grinnell Street Dental offers:

Periodontal Therapy – One-Visit Crowns – Fillings – Root Canals – Bridges – Dental Implants – Dentures – Partials – Teeth Whitening – Cosmetic Bonding – Porcelain Veneers – Invisalign Clear Braces – Laser Dentistry – TMJ Treatment – Full Mouth Reconstruction (more…)