Month: April 2014

Don’t Throw Away your Used Toothbrush

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that you replace your used toothbrush (or electric toothbrush head) every three to four months, or sooner. Over the years, that adds up to quite a few toothbrushes tossed away. Is there any way to stretch out the life of your used toothbrushes so they don’t go completely to… Read more »

Clear Braces Straighten Teeth with Peace of Mind

Even someone who you see as having perfect teeth may harbor personal issues with their smile. None of us is entirely without flaws. However, severely crooked teeth may require orthodontic treatment to avoid complications such as jaw issues or impossible dental hygiene. Some patients are fortunate enough to qualify for a type of innovative orthodontics… Read more »

Nutritional Choices that Benefit Dental Health

During this time of year as the sun beams brightly and swimsuit season is mere months away, many people are concerned about their weight. Did you know that brushing your teeth can actually dull your appetite? Talk about a double positive! However, no matter how great your oral hygiene is, if you’re snacking on junk… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Nitrous Oxide

Would you believe that roughly 40 million people in America avoid going to the dentist because of severe anxiety over the prospect? If you are one of the many folks who battle extreme fears regarding dental appointments, a good solution is finding a dental team who understands your needs. Once you find a dentist you… Read more »