Nutritional Choices that Benefit Dental Health

VegetablesDuring this time of year as the sun beams brightly and swimsuit season is mere months away, many people are concerned about their weight. Did you know that brushing your teeth can actually dull your appetite? Talk about a double positive! However, no matter how great your oral hygiene is, if you’re snacking on junk food all day long, your dental health will suffer. Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon urges you to eat mindfully for optimal oral and overall health.

Snacking Wisely

Even though a layer of super strong tooth enamel protects your smile, your teeth are very vulnerable to compounds in the foods and drinks you consume. Because of this, you need to pay attention to what you eat. You’re probably already aware of the need to avoid sugary, starchy, and acidic foods. However, do you realize all of the hidden sources of these dentally damaging edibles?  Timing is also a concern. You already know that calorie and sugar overload is bad for your body, but if you snack all day, you’ll never be able to brush your teeth enough to stay on top. Fortunately, there are plenty of satisfying snacks which are healthy for your teeth/gums and your body.

Planning is Key

Planning is a big part of sticking to healthy snacking goals. When you’re starving, you are more likely to reach for the fastest and most delicious options that are fast. Usually this means sugary vending machine treats or walking to the corner store near the office and grabbing a bag of chips and a soda. Map out your menu for the day and you’re much more likely to stick with nutritious snacks. Try not to get too hungry, as ravenous tummies aren’t always rational. Some dentally sound snacking choices might include carrots, celery, and ranch dip, jicama sticks and hummus, cucumbers and cream cheese, or a banana with peanut butter. All of these are low sugar and high nutrition options which will fuel your body, but not fuel the bacteria which cause tooth decay.

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