Month: June 2018

How Can I Better Avoid Cavities?

The unfortunate facts about dental cavities is that about 90% of adult Americans will suffer from them. While cavities are not a part of the earliest stage of tooth decay, they are early enough that they can often be treated in time to save the tooth. Ignoring a cavity can lead to an infection or… Read more »

Should I Try An Electric Toothbrush?

Have you ever tried an electric toothbrush? Or have you gone your whole life just brushing your teeth with a plain old manual toothbrush? In many cases and for many people, a manual toothbrush does a great job at keeping smiles clean and healthy. However, there may be a few reasons why you may want… Read more »

Ready For A Brighter, Whiter Smile?

Summer is here and everything is looking just a bit brighter. A brighter, whitened smile can be one of the fastest ways to get a boost in your appearance and your confidence. Working with your dentist to whiten your teeth can mean that issues like sensitivity can be monitored and that your treatment can be customized. Depending… Read more »

Issues Addressed By Porcelain Veneers

Just the act of smiling can be a great way to build confidence. If your smile makes you feel insecure enough to not smile, it can lessen your overall confidence. If you have specific issues with your smile’s appearance like deep discoloration, uneven gaps or spacing, or cosmetic damage, cosmetic dentistry may be able to… Read more »