Month: May 2018

Do I Have TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder, which encapsulates a range of issues that affect your temporomandibular joints (TMJs).  These joints connect your lower jaw to your skull and provide movement for your mouth. TMJ disorder can make opening and closing your mouth difficult and lead to chronic discomfort. The disorder has a wide range of symptoms that can sometimes… Read more »

Straightening Your Smile For The Health Of It

If you have a smile that is crooked or awkwardly spaced, it may make you feel insecure and less confident to show the world that you are happy or laughing. Just the act of smiling can actually stimulate nerves that can affect your emotions to make you feel better. These are the reasons the way… Read more »

I Need To Address Several Dental Issues

You use your mouth several times a day. It keeps you healthy by chewing your food to provide you with essential sustenance. Throughout your life, the daily wear-and-tear can lead to an accumulation of dental issues. These issues may affect either your health or your smile’s appearance, while some may affect both. A full-mouth rehabilitation… Read more »

Can My Dentist Help Me Address Cold Sores?

Keeping your mouth healthy and looking good goes beyond your teeth. Though your teeth and gums do get a lot of attention, cold sores can be even more unsightly and irritating than issues inside your mouth. There is dental technology to address cold sores on your lips and around your mouth in a short amount… Read more »

Importance Of Routine Cleanings And Exams

You have probably heard of the recommendation by dentists to get a routine exam and cleaning at least once every six months. Do you know what makes routine preventative care so important?  Tooth decay and gum disease are incredibly common chronic conditions. By regularly getting a dental exam and cleaning, you help to decrease your… Read more »