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We Can Address Cold Sores And Other Embarrassing Issues

Your confidence in your smile can change in seemingly no time at all. While some problems, like the buildup of teeth stains, can worsen gradually, some issues can lead to unexpected challenges and concerns. For example, you can be embarrassed by the eruption of a cold sore that makes you look unhealthy and less attractive…. Read more »

Can Aging Affect Your Ability To Prevent Cavities?

There may be no way to completely stop the aging process, but the right behaviors can help you slow down the impact the years can have on your health. When it comes to your oral health, the behaviors you practice now can have an impact on the appearance and condition of your teeth later in… Read more »

Chronic Bad Breath Can A Symptom Of Oral Health Issues

Struggles with bad breath can affect your confidence, and it can make you question your oral health. Sometimes, the problem is difficult to avoid – without a mint or gum handy, your mouth can contain strong odors just after eating something with garlic. However, it is a cause for concern if you frequently have this… Read more »

New Year's Resolution: A Healthier Smile

Are you one to make New Year’s Resolutions? If you do make a resolution, do you stick to it or do you give up after a month? It seems normal for many people to give up on a big resolution. However, we have a New Year’s Resolution idea that is good for your smile along… Read more »

How Do Lasers Help With Cold Sore Treatment?

Your oral health is not limited to what is inside your mouth. Your dentist can help you with your teeth and gums, but the outside of your mouth can be treated, too. The weather of fall and winter can be a trigger for cold sore breakouts. The dry weather outside and the dry heat inside… Read more »

Can My Dentist Help Me Address Cold Sores?

Keeping your mouth healthy and looking good goes beyond your teeth. Though your teeth and gums do get a lot of attention, cold sores can be even more unsightly and irritating than issues inside your mouth. There is dental technology to address cold sores on your lips and around your mouth in a short amount… Read more »

My Dentist Can Help Me Address Cold Sores?

It is important to keep your entire mouth looking and feeling healthy, not just your teeth. Many people believe that dentists only deal with teeth, but they care about keeping your lips and gums healthy, too. Cold sores can be painful, itchy, contagious, embarrassing, and irritating to your mouth. They are caused by the herpes… Read more »

Laser Treating Cold Sores

Your dentist cares about keeping your entire mouth looking and feeling healthy, not just your teeth. This includes keeping your lips and gums healthy, too. Cold sores are blisters that erupt on the lips and cause irritation to your mouth. They can be painful, itchy, contagious, and embarrassing. Cold sores are caused by the herpes… Read more »

What You Eat Affects Your Oral Health

Healthy choices and mindful eating improve your overall health, but they also make a big impact on your oral health. Your mouth is the entrance for the food and drink entering your body. Bad choices affect your mouth first before the rest of the body. Food and drink that are sugary or filled with carbohydrates… Read more »

Improve Your Brushing With These Tips

Your teeth do so much for you and your body. They chew your food so you can digest it and stay energized, they help maintain your facial structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice big smile. You owe it to your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing that starts… Read more »