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Does Your Smile Need A Major Makeover?

sheridan smile makeover

When you have several concerns with the appearance of your smile, or with the health and function too, then you may need more than a single dental treatment. Instead, you may benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation. In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist talks about how we plan and conduct a full mouth rehabilitation!

Comprehensive Improvement With A Full Mouth Rehab

sheridan full mouth rehab

A full mouth rehabilitation combines general, restorative, and even prosthetic dental treatments to address smiles with major oral health complications. Which means if you assume your smile is too far gone, we could still help you obtain results that make you feel great. In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist talks about our full mouth… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need A Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

sheridan full mouth rehabilitation

When you have multiple problems with your smile, including cosmetic and restorative issues, or even missing teeth, then you may assume your smile is beyond help. However, with a full mouth rehabilitation, we can offer a major transformation for your smile! In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist talks about our full mouth rehabilitation.

Detailed Plans To Replace Or Restore Unhealthy Teeth

The impact of poor oral health can be felt in several ways. In addition to experiencing frustrating bite limitations and discomfort, you can grow embarrassed by the way you look when you smile. The right approach to restorative dentistry can take on all of these different worries. For patients who are concerned because they have… Read more »

Making Plans To Treat Multiple Oral Health Issues

How much can you really ask your dentist to do for you? For people who go longer between appointments, several problems can form and require treatment, which can make those services feel more difficult to arrange. How will you know where to start? How long will it take to complete everything you want done? Will… Read more »

Following A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Plan

There are times when patients need to arrange several services in order to fully restore their oral health. Problems with the health of several teeth, or more issues than just dental decay, can make it necessary to detail a series of procedures. Fortunately, you can work with your Sheridan, WY dentist on properly addressing all… Read more »

Responding To Multiple Oral Health Concerns

There are several actions you can take to reduce your risk for oral health problems. Keeping up with consistent dental exams is important, and so is a commitment to oral hygiene on a daily basis. With that said, our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office understands that many people can find themselves in situations where they are… Read more »

Completing A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Plan At One Location

If you have serious concerns about the health and appearance of your smile, you may fear what your dentist might have to say about treatment. Individuals who have issues like tooth loss, dental decay, and problems with their bite may fear that because they have a range of concerns, they will have to make appointments… Read more »

Restoring Your Oral Health With A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Your oral health issues may call for more than one dental procedure. In fact, patients who want to address their smile needs sometimes need to plan for several treatments in order to take on all of their dental flaws. This can sound intimidating, but our Sheridan, WY dental office is prepared to help see you… Read more »

I Need To Address Several Dental Issues

You use your mouth several times a day. It keeps you healthy by chewing your food to provide you with essential sustenance. Throughout your life, the daily wear-and-tear can lead to an accumulation of dental issues. These issues may affect either your health or your smile’s appearance, while some may affect both. A full-mouth rehabilitation… Read more »