Month: April 2022

Can Same-Day Crowns Offer Bite Support?

It can be exciting to know that your Sheridan, WY dentist can support your tooth with a custom crown in less time than other practices require. Thanks to CEREC technology, we can produce a custom restoration in just a single appointment, and we can make sure that it imitates your healthy enamel. In addition to… Read more »

Are You Still Putting Up With TMJ Pain?

How long are you going to wait until you do something about the persistent pain in your face and jaw? Why are you holding off on discussing your problems with stiff or uncomfortable jaw movement? Letting these symptoms of TMJ disorder go unaddressed can mean experiencing more discomfort over time. You can start to struggle… Read more »

Taking On Visible Flaws With Veneers

A problem with your smile that does not affect your oral health can be easier to address than you realize. By providing cosmetic dental treatment, we can correct an issue with the shape, size, condition, and general look of a tooth that has made you uncomfortable with how you look. Your Sheridan, WY dentist can… Read more »

Effectively Preventing Dental Problems

Should you wait until you think something might be wrong to see your dentist? It can certainly be reassuring to have no noticeable problems with your oral health, but be careful not to assume that this means you are in ideal health. A recently formed cavity or a problem with gingivitis may have escaped your… Read more »

3 Reasons To Consider Implant Dentistry

Until you do something to address it, you can experience many frustrating problems from tooth loss. In addition to making your smile less attractive, that empty space where your tooth used to be can force you to change your bite function in ways you find uncomfortable. You also need to worry that more teeth will… Read more »

What You Should Know About Dental Decay

There are more threats to your smile than just dental decay. That being said, many people will experience cavity trouble at least one time, even if they have a good smile care routine in place. A cavity’s impact on your appearance and oral health should not be dismissed. When there is trouble with decay, your… Read more »

How Our Whitening Treatments Fight Stains

As time passes, your teeth can gradually grow dull and discolored thanks to the accumulation of stains from different foods and drinks. When you first notice how much your appearance has changed, you can turn to a store bought treatment, but you can fail to see the kind of improvements that would resolve your cosmetic… Read more »

Your Smile Confidence After Dental Bonding

What stops you from feeling confident in the way you look whenever you smile and speak? Do you have concerns about teeth that appear unattractive or out of place because of their color, shape, or size? Even minor issues like these can throw off a person’s confidence in the way they appear. The good news… Read more »

Our Use Of Metal-Free Dental Fillings

Dental work in response to a cavity needs to address more than just the decay itself. After removing unhealthy tissues, your dentist will have to do something about the permanent damage to your enamel. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can do this without making unwanted changes to your appearance. We use metal-free dental… Read more »

Using Invisalign To Improve Your Smile

What stands between you and a truly confident smile? Many people struggle to feel happy with the way they look because they have poorly spaced teeth. Any visible gaps or overlaps between teeth can be a cause of embarrassment. This problem should be reviewed for more than just its potential to impact your appearance, as… Read more »