Month: January 2013

Sheridan Dentist Asks: Trouble with Your Jaw Joints?

You may be fairly familiar with a number of dental issues that can threaten your oral health. For instance, most people can readily identify the term cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease, which afflict the structures of your teeth and their foundation of gum tissue and jawbone. However, in order for your mouth to… Read more »

Do You Know What Your Mouth is Trying to Tell You?

There a variety of symptoms that can affect the health and comfort of your mouth, most of which can indicate a number of oral health issues. Easing or curing these symptoms depends on finding and treating their root cause. To help you maintain your oral health and find comfort from your dental troubles, Sheridan dentist… Read more »

Why Does Food Stain Teeth?

Chances are, you’ve experienced tooth stains at least once before. If so, than you are probably aware that even the slightest blemish on a single tooth can mar the brilliance of your entire smile. Unfortunately, even if you diligently practice your daily dental hygiene routine, tooth stains can occur simply from the foods you eat…. Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Extols Vitamin D for Cavity Prevention

Cavities are typically thought of more as a stubborn nuisance than a serious chronic disease. Unfortunately, the consequences of untreated tooth decay belie this illusion. If left to its own devices, tooth decay will continue to carve a destructive path through the structure of your tooth, eventually spreading through the roots and possibly to surrounding… Read more »