Month: March 2016

Different Cavity Treatments For Different Types Of Cavities

Whether it is large or small, your dentist will need to remove active tooth decay from your teeth to protect you from an active cavity. At first, that cavity will only cause problems with your enamel. You may not even feel pain from it. Unfortunately, once a cavity has started, there is not a way… Read more »

Find The Whitening Treatment That Works Best For Your Teeth

A professional teeth whitening from your dentist will go beyond the limited effects of over-the-counter products to yield a significantly brighter smile. However, there are different types of tooth discoloration, and not every type will respond equally well to conventional whitening agents. Other cosmetic treatments can improve your tooth color without relying on these agents…. Read more »

Repairing Visible Dental Damage

Even if there is not a health risk associated with damage to your teeth, you may be unhappy with its appearance. These types of damages can be chips and small cracks, or discoloration after an accident. Many people opt for bonding to clear up these problems. The type of treatment you need can depend on… Read more »

Do You Know What To Do After A Dental Emergency?

If you injured a tooth in an accident today, would you know what to do? Many people know part of how they should respond – avoid touching the root, do not dry or wash the tooth, replace it in the socket if possible. However, this is far from the only relevant information. What should you… Read more »

Is A Whitening Treatment Right For Your Teeth?

Tooth discoloration can come in extrinsic form, or intrinsic form. Typically, when people think about what can affect the color of their teeth, they think about extrinsic stains. These are the stains in your enamel that can come from certain foods and beverages, as well as from using tobacco products. However, other people suffer from… Read more »