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Do You Have Questions About Dental Implants?

Someone who has an incomplete smile may have several questions about treatment options. Learning more about what your dentist can do to help you can make the benefits of seeking restorative treatment clear. This can be particularly true if you are interested in implant dentistry as a means of regaining your full smile. At our… Read more »

Life With An Implant-Held Restoration

happy senior couple full smiles

Are you currently trying to adjust to a gap in your smile caused by tooth loss? If you are, you can be well aware of the difficulties that this problem can cause. Your frustration over your inability to maintain a natural bite function can be accompanied by anxieties around your incomplete smile’s impact on your… Read more »

Why Should I Rely On A Dental Implant To Hold A Restoration?

Tooth loss is not a problem to take lightly. More than just a cosmetic concern, the loss of a tooth can change your bite function, make you more vulnerable to further losses, and create long-term concerns about your oral health. The good news is that a permanent dental prosthetic can put your worries around tooth… Read more »

Are You Tired Of Tooth Loss Affecting Your Bite Function?

Tooth loss makes it difficult to bite and chew in a way that feels natural. For someone who is just missing one tooth, the solution to this problem can seem obvious – just avoid putting pressure down at the site where your tooth was lost. Unfortunately, this change in your bite function can have an… Read more »

Make Plans To Learn How Implant Dentistry Can Help You

The changes to your smile and dental function that occur after tooth loss can be difficult to ignore. Until you address the gap in your smile, it can be difficult to feel good about your appearance, and you can be forced to adjust your bite function in ways that are uncomfortable. Fortunately, the right dental… Read more »

Make Plans To Fully Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

While you can be well aware that dental crowns and dental fillings are readily available to restore problem teeth, you may be less sure of what your dentist can do for teeth that have already been lost. Can you receive a custom dental prosthetic that helps with your bite function, or just one that improves… Read more »

Dental Implants Help You Bite And Chew With More Confidence

You can lose confidence in more than just your smile after you lose a tooth. It can quickly become apparent that your ability to bite and chew will be compromised by the absence of a tooth. If you try to bite down in the area where a smile gap is present, you can have a… Read more »

Regain A Complete Smile With An Implant-Held Restoration

Once you lose a tooth, you can find that your confidence is shaken. You can also find that tasks like eating and speaking are more difficult, which can lead to further negative feelings. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed through the placement of a dental prosthetic. A custom replacement tooth allows you to close a… Read more »

Bring Us Your Questions About Implant Dentistry!

With a modern dental prosthetic, an individual who has experienced tooth loss can enjoy the presence of a restoration that gives them a renewed feeling of confidence in their appearance. With a lifelike appliance in place, you can find yourself smiling and speaking with more comfort as you no longer reveal an awkward space where… Read more »

Implants Can Help With Different Degrees Of Tooth Loss

Dental implants have provided patients with impressive support for their prosthetic appliances. An implant-held restoration can improve your ability to bite and chew after you lose a tooth, and it can keep you from experiencing difficulties with jawbone deterioration or shifting teeth. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we are prepared to work with patients… Read more »