Month: December 2016

Seeking Relief From Uncomfortable TMJ Issues

Why are TMJ issues capable of making a person so uncomfortable? Your jaw’s function depends on the trigeminal nerve. In addition to operating your jaw, this nerve also affects sensation in your face, your neck, and your head. When you suffer TMJ issues, the effect on the nerve can leave you suffering soreness in your… Read more »

Quiz: The Importance Of Dental Visits

Part of staying on top of your oral health is enjoying the care and attention your dentist can provide. Your dentist is trained to detect and treat a variety of problems, and is capable of spotting a small cavity you are overlooking. Each visit also includes an important cleaning session with your hygienist. That being… Read more »

Spend 2017 Free From Unsightly Dental Damage

You can use cosmetic dentistry to make sure you spend 2017 with a smile free from unsightly dental damage. Some people suffer damage after accidents. An errant bite into something harder than anticipated, or an accident during physical activity, among other possible occurrences, can leave you with unsightly chips or cracks. Smaller amounts of wear… Read more »

Dental Crowns Take Care Of Vulnerable Teeth

Different measures are taken to restore a tooth after cavity removal. For a smaller cavity, you will receive a dental filling. If the cavity is too large, however, then a filling will not be approved for the task of supporting your tooth. These cavities are taken care of with a dental crown. Dental crowns offer… Read more »