Month: December 2013

The Importance of Saliva Production in your Mouth

Spitting is considered to be a fairly disgusting habit, but it’s also second nature. While you may not want to see someone spitting out in public, don’t forget that you spit every single day – when you brush your teeth. When you go in for your biannual dental checkup, you are usually asked to spit… Read more »

Fluoride Facts for Parents and Children

Fluoride is a well-known as a preventive tool in dental hygiene. Infused into daily-use products like toothpaste and mouthwash, fluoride strengthens teeth and protects against cavities. Sheridan family dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, can offer you valuable information about the compound that helps keep you and your family’s teeth healthy: fluoride. All About Fluoride Fluoride is a… Read more »

Sheridan Family Dentist Describes Details of Dental Plaque

The dental needs of adults and children may have some differences, but there is one thing bound to be in common with patients of all ages: plaque. When you go in for your dental checkups, plaque (and the hardened version which is known as tartar, or calculus) will be scraped from your teeth. Leave it… Read more »