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Protect Your Child from Bigger Problems

grinnell kid's cavities

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a cavity? Cavities in children can cause big problems if they aren’t removed quickly. In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist talks about the importance of diagnosing and treating childhood decay before it causes painful infections.

Sharing Smile Concerns At A Dental Exam

When you go in for your next routine dental exam, you may have certain lingering questions that you would like to address with your dentist. Sometimes, this refers to possible problems that you hope to discuss. At other times, it can be because you are interested in learning how you can make your smile more… Read more »

Your Dental Health And Your Daily Behaviors

What you do in a typical day affects your smile. This is certainly true when it comes to what you do to clean your teeth, but your smile is also impacted by your diet decisions, your stress levels, and even your commitment to hydration! The good news is that when you follow the right habits,… Read more »

Benefiting From Laser Cold Sore Treatment

While they can eventually heal on their own, cold sores can prove frustrating for as long as they are present. Upon erupting, they can be painful as well as a potential infection risk, and they can certainly draw unwanted attention. Even when no sore is present, you can find yourself feeling uneasy about when the… Read more »

How Laser Treatments Deal With Cold Sores

There are different reasons why people find themselves embarrassed by their appearance. If you have problems with cold sores, you can go through periods of time where you feel the need to hide your smile. Unfortunately, these sores can be more than just a cosmetic issue, as they can become painful, and some can even… Read more »

How We Treat Different Smile Flaws

How often do you find yourself trying not to smile? If you are afraid to show off your teeth in pictures or worry that something about your appearance will be perceived negatively, you are not alone. To address their concerns, many people will bring up these issues to their dentist when discussing cosmetic dentistry. At… Read more »

Treating And Preventing Cavities

You should be able to depend on your dental office both when you come in for regular dental exams and when you think something is wrong with your oral health. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we are ready to support you at these different times. During your regular appointments, we will provide helpful information… Read more »

Remove A Cold Sore And Improve Your Smile

The embarrassment that you feel over the formation of a cold sore can hurt your confidence, interfere with plans, and make you afraid for the next time a sore erupts. In order to deal with this problem, you can talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office about laser treatment and its effects on this problem…. Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Fight Plaque?

The daily work you put into caring for your smile will help you fight plaque buildup, something that will help you reduce your risk for problems with tooth decay as well as gum disease. If these deposits are left in place for too long, the resulting formation of tartar can make your oral health more… Read more »

Regain A Cold Sore-Free Smile

If you have a history of problems with cold sores, you can be aware of just how intrusive they are, but you can find it difficult to adjust to their impact on your life. Their development can be uncomfortable as well as embarrassing, and one that becomes infected can create real concern over your well-being…. Read more »