Month: December 2011

What's Wearing Out Your Smile?

If your teeth are strong, proper oral care can usually keep them safe. However, daily wear and tear can make them weak and destroy your smile sooner. When your teeth become worn, they are more vulnerable to decay, chipping, and other dental problems. Here are the top threats that wear out your smile, and how… Read more »

Dental Gifts for the Holidays

Does your gift list include a few people who have everything? Shopping for your loved ones can be stressful, especially if you are out of ideas. Dental gifts can make a great functional addition to a person’s daily dental care routine. If someone on your list does not have these products yet, help him take… Read more »

Plotting Your Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight Loss During this time of year everyone starts thinking about their excess weight—and for good reason. Not only will you feel better, but your body will also function better without the extra weight. Studies have linked obesity as a factor in many systemic health issues such as heart disease, stroke, depression, hypertension, diabetes,… Read more »