Plotting Your Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight Loss

During this time of year everyone starts thinking about their excess weight—and for good reason. Not only will you feel better, but your body will also function better without the extra weight. Studies have linked obesity as a factor in many systemic health issues such as heart disease, stroke, depression, hypertension, diabetes, and now gum disease. A recent study found that losing weight aids in nonsurgical periodontal treatments.
Although losing weight can help you prevent and make treatments more effective, losing weight is not the only way to prevent disease. In addition, visit Grinnell Street Dental for regular six-month cleanings and checkups to fight periodontitis, as well asdaily flossing and brushing practices.

Plot Your Weight Loss Goals

When trying to lose a significant amount of weight, make sure you check your progress periodically. Charting your progress will allow you to see if you’re losing enough weight, or if you’re losing too much weight. Starving yourself, fasting, or eating an extremely low calorie diet among other dangerous dieting practices will only make your overall health much worse. Several common dieting practices can lead to serious health consequences. Lose weight to be healthy, not to look good.
Avoid these practices when dieting:

  • Slashing too many calories
  • Supplements or over-the-counter diet pills
  • Cleanses or detox plans
  • Any form of purging
  • Obsessive exercising
  • Tobacco

Make sure that when you are picking out a diet, you pick a diet that is feasible for you and your lifestyle. Studies have proven that if you can choose a diet and then stick to it long-term, your chances of loosing weight are much higher. In addition to picking something that you can achieve, use common sense and listen to your body’s needs.
WebMD has a food and fitness planner that allows you to track your diet.  The WebMD planner allows you to set a calorie goal, log meals, and log fitness so that you can track your overall nutrients, progress, and goals.
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