Month: May 2020

The Benefits Of Cavity Treatment With Metal-Free Fillings

When a cavity has formed on a person’s tooth, there is no way for them to fully recover without having a permanent restoration put in place. Restorations are used during these treatments because the damage done by a cavity causes irreversible harm to your tooth structure. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can address… Read more »

Practice Better Oral Health Habits To Boost Your Confidence

Are you eager to show off your smile in pictures, or would you prefer to hide your teeth whenever possible? Do you often feel self-conscious because you worry about the quality of your breath? Your overall confidence can be heavily influenced by your feelings about your smile and dental health. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s… Read more »

What Can Your Dentist Do If You Have A Broken Dental Crown?

A dental crown is meant to provide lasting support for a tooth that experienced trouble with decay, or one that has been physically injured. When a restoration breaks, loosens, or is completely lost, the tooth is once again left in a vulnerable state, which is why you should treat the problem as an oral health… Read more »

Finding The Cause Of Persistent Dental Pain

If your recent meals have been less enjoyable because of a pain in a tooth, or discomfort and stiffness that affect your jaw, you should be concerned about your oral health. Even a relatively minor issue with dental discomfort can be difficult to ignore when you try to eat. Choosing to ignore the matter can… Read more »

How Much Harm Can A Cavity Cause Your Tooth?

While some patients who undergo cavity treatment only have a small amount of dental damage to address, others may need more involved work. In some cases, it may even be necessary to address damage or infection in the central chamber of a patient’s tooth because of decay! The reason some treatments are more involved is… Read more »

What Can I Do To Avoid Bad News At My Next Dental Exam?

When you see your dentist again, how confident are you that you will receive good news regarding the state of your oral health? If you have a consistent and thorough oral care routine in place, and take care to maintain a smile-friendly diet, you can maintain a lower risk for problems that might require professional… Read more »

Has Dental Sensitivity Forced You To Adjust Your Diet?

Are you currently avoiding certain foods or beverages because they cause problems for your sensitive teeth? Dental sensitivity can be more than just a nuisance – it may be a symptom letting you know that there is a problem with your smile your dentist should address. Even small modifications in your diet should be regarded… Read more »

Can A Broken Tooth Be Restored With A Same-Day Crown?

Breaking a tooth can be painful, but your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help you. By restoring a chipped or cracked tooth with a lifelike dental crown, we can protect you from further damage, improve your bite function, and address worrying cosmetic changes. Because our practice uses CEREC technology to produce dental crowns,… Read more »

Issues Like Stress And Illness Can Impact Your Oral Health

Your oral health should be a daily priority, even when you are not feeling your best. When feeling under the weather, or during periods of stress, you may have a relatively difficult time focusing on practices like oral care. Unfortunately, oral bacteria are not going to give your smile a break during these times, so… Read more »

Is It Time To Start Using A New Toothbrush?

When did you start using your current toothbrush, and how much longer should you rely on it before picking up a replacement? As time passes, the bristles of a brush can begin to wear down from repeated uses. You should pick up a new one after three months of use. By doing so, you can… Read more »