What Can I Do To Avoid Bad News At My Next Dental Exam?

confused girl shruggingWhen you see your dentist again, how confident are you that you will receive good news regarding the state of your oral health? If you have a consistent and thorough oral care routine in place, and take care to maintain a smile-friendly diet, you can maintain a lower risk for problems that might require professional oral health services. However, issues with your routine or diet can make you more likely to need a dental filling or dental crown the next time you are in the dentist’s chair. While it can be less than exciting to hear that you need dental work, it should be noted that putting off care and ignoring a problem can lead to worrying complications! Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help patients address active problems, but we also provide preventive services at checkups to make future issues less likely.

Your Daily Behaviors Will Affect Your Risk For Dental Health Problems

The choices you make from one day to the next can impact your risk for oral health issues. Are you doing a good job each day of thoroughly cleaning your teeth by brushing and flossing? How good are you at limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks? While the practices of good dental care can be simple, it is important to be as consistent as possible with them. After all, once a patient develops an issue with tartar buildup or a cavity, it will take professional treatment to fully address their troubles.

Changes To Your Brushing And Flossing Routine May Be Called For

To effectively protect your smile, you should take the time to brush at least two times each day, and you should make sure you floss on a daily basis. If you are not this consistent, or if you rush through these practices, it can be difficult to fully protect yourself against oral bacteria, which can mean a higher likelihood of tartar formation, tooth decay, and gum disease. To floss as effectively as possible, make sure that you are moving the string all the way down to clean at your gum line. When you brush, give yourself at least two minutes to reach every area of your smile.

Promptly Treating A Problem Can Help You Avoid Complications

If you put off treatment, or if you ignore the signs suggesting something might be wrong with your smile, you can have a higher chance of experiencing complications with your oral health. Signs of poor periodontal health include sensitive tissues that bleed easily, swelling, discoloration, and changes in your gum line. Problems with tooth pain, sensitivity, and swelling can all indicate troubles with an advanced cavity, which can continue to worsen if care is not provided.

Our Sheridan, WY Dentist’s Office Can Help You Protect Your Smile

Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help patients protect their teeth and gums from oral health troubles. If you would like to learn more, please call Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567.