Category: Preventive Dentistry

Develop A Routine That Successfully Fights Tartar Buildup

When tartar forms on your smile, you may notice small concentrations of yellowish or brownish material on teeth. Upon noticing these concentrations, you may be alarmed to discover that they are not removed when you brush and floss your teeth. The buildup of tartar on teeth can make preventive dental care more difficult, and it… Read more »

Is Something Missing From Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

What can you do to feel more confident about your oral care routine? Is it time to change up your approach to brushing and flossing? Is your diet keeping you vulnerable to cavities? By visiting your dentist for regular dental exams, you can bring your concerns to an oral health professional. In addition to performing… Read more »

We Can Address Issues That Cause Dental Discomfort

You should be concerned if you have a hard time biting and chewing without discomfort, or if you have a persistent pain in a tooth. Signs of poor dental health should be addressed, as a problem can grow worse over time if it is not treated by a dental professional. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s… Read more »

Are You Doing A Poor Job Cleaning Between Your Teeth?

It is difficult for us to look closely at the spaces between our teeth. Unfortunately, it is also common for people to effectively overlook these spaces when they practice daily oral hygiene. If you are brushing regularly but not flossing, those spaces between your teeth can be poorly served, which can lead to a greater… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Prevent A Future Cavity

Are you familiar with the process of treating a cavity? If you have experienced issues with tooth decay in the past, you may be clear on what has to happen to protect a tooth that required restorative dental work. To properly treat the problem, a permanent restoration has to be put in place after the… Read more »

Tartar Buildup Can Raise Your Risk For Dental Troubles

If you have a consistent brushing and flossing routine in place, you can keep your smile safe against a buildup of harmful plaque. It is important to maintain good habits on a regular basis, as even a relatively small gap in your oral care routine can allow tartar to form. While you can effectively remove… Read more »

Making Plans For Smile Care After A Routine Evaluation

Any time you visit your dentist for a routine checkup, you can hope to learn that there are no problems that should concern you. When there are no problems to address, you can stay out of the dentist’s chair until your next semiannual checkup. Unfortunately, not every patient will hear good news at every appointment…. Read more »

Want To Show Off Your Best Smile In 2020? We Can Help!

Have you started assembling your list of resolutions for the new year? While there are many beneficial goals people select for themselves, you may want to think about how cosmetic dental work can help you satisfy a desire to show off your best smile for the new year. At our Sheridan, WY dental practice, we… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Enjoy A Cavity-Free Holiday Season

Some of us have longer Christmas wish lists than others, but it seems safe to guess that no one is hoping for dental health issues this season. Unfortunately, it can be harder to avoid cavities around the holidays simply because we tend to have more sweets available to us. Your family may have certain treats… Read more »

Can You Count On Your Oral Care Routine To Prevent Cavities?

When you consider how much harm an untreated cavity can do to a tooth, you can recognize the importance of a good oral hygiene routine. When decay becomes a problem, your enamel can be permanently damaged, and bacteria can eventually attack the interior of your tooth. At this point, dedicated smile care will be needed… Read more »