Category: Preventive Dentistry

Using A Custom Appliance To Alleviate TMJ Aches And Pains

If you are trying to ignore TMJ problems, you can grow frustrated as biting, chewing, speaking, and even laughing lead to discomfort. Problems that affect your jaw joints and muscles make it difficult for you to do anything that requires jaw movement, as pain and stiffness put new limitations on you. If your problem has… Read more »

Lowering Your Risk For Problems With Enamel Erosion

We ask a lot of our teeth, as we depend on them to tear and break down different food products several times in a typical day. Over the years, a degree of enamel erosion can be natural, but it may become more of a concern for some than others. This is sometimes due to a… Read more »

How Preventive Checkups Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth

The approach you take each day to protecting your smile is important. If you are consistently putting work in to thoroughly clean your teeth, you can fight the buildup of tartar, prevent dental decay, and maintain a smile that makes you confident. While the value of a good daily routine is hard to overstate, you… Read more »

Why Effective Brushing Should Take At Least Two Minutes

If you run half of your errands, you should not expect the remaining tasks to be done as well. Many people find themselves in need of cavity treatment because they only brush parts of their smile, leaving some areas poorly served. In order to thoroughly remove plaque buildup and food debris from teeth, you should… Read more »

Are There Obstacles Between You And A Healthier Smile?

If you feel that you are doing your best to protect your smile, but you still experience issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and discoloration, it can be easy to feel discouraged. Sometimes, the obstacles standing between an individual and a healthier smile are less clear, which makes them difficult to identify and address. You… Read more »

Be Aware Of The Effects Caffeine Can Have On Your Smile

How likely are you to turn to your coffee maker when you need help waking up in the morning? Do you regularly have a mug at your side while you work? Caffeine’s ability to perk a person up has made it a staple in many people’s diets. Unfortunately, too many caffeinated beverages can become a… Read more »

The Role Daily Flossing Plays In Preventing Gum Disease

How much effort should you really put into protecting yourself against gum disease? If you have not committed to a thorough oral hygiene routine that protects your teeth and gums, you can put your oral health and appearance at risk. The health of your gums can be maintained through good brushing and flossing habits. If… Read more »

How Dry Mouth Impacts Your Cavity Prevention Efforts

When you have problems with cavities, you may look at some obvious culprits as the cause of your troubles. You may determine that you need to take more time to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth each day, or you can commit to removing sugary items from your typical diet. While both can help, you… Read more »

How Effective Are Your Habits Against Tartar Formation?

If you want your smile to look good and remain healthy, you need to think about the threat you currently face from tartar accumulation. Tartar does not form immediately. Over time, bacteria and other materials that gather on your teeth form plaque. When you brush and floss, you remove this plaque buildup and protect your… Read more »

What Can I Do To Reduce This Recurring Jaw Pain?

If you choose to simply live with jaw pain, you can come to realize that the time you spend biting, chewing, and even speaking can become deeply unpleasant. When issues affect your joints and muscles to cause TMJ disorder, you can start to experience problems with more than just basic jaw movements. You may also… Read more »