Category: Preventive Dentistry

Can Better Stress Management be Good For Your Smile?

If you think about what lifestyle changes can best help you protect your smile, your first thoughts can turn to your diet and your brushing and flossing routine. These are certainly important to your dental health, but they are not the only changes that can be beneficial. Sometimes, patients start to struggle with their oral… Read more »

What Makes Someone Vulnerable To Tartar Buildup?

If you go in to see your dentist for a routine exam, you will have your teeth thoroughly cleaned as well as reviewed. These scheduled cleanings are important to your long-term dental health. Without them, your teeth are vulnerable to the buildup of harmful tartar deposits. What makes tartar so frustrating is that it resists… Read more »

The Role Regular Flossing Plays In Plaque Removal

Plaque accumulation is a daily problem for your smile, which is why a good oral hygiene routine will involve a thorough teeth cleaning every day. Hopefully, you are already protecting yourself by brushing at least two times a day, and by flossing at least once per day to remove harmful bacteria that are gathering between… Read more »

Why Am I Having Trouble Preventing Dental Problems?

Even though you feel you are doing enough to protect your smile, you have struggled to avoid problems with dental decay and gum disease. Sometimes, patients are not able to understand why they struggle with poor oral hygiene because they are overlooking mistakes in their oral hygiene routine. They can also fail to recognize just… Read more »

Should I Talk To My Dentist About My Cold Sores?

You can feel embarrassed to let others see that you have a cold sore, and uncomfortable with the idea of talking about it. However, if you continue to try and simply hide this problem rather than look into treatment, you may miss out on beneficial care. Your Sheridan, WY dentist can actually help you deal… Read more »

Maintaining Good Oral Health Habits Throughout Your Day

On a semiannual basis, you should attend routine dental checkups. These preventive appointments provide important support against tartar buildup as well as updates on the state of your smile. When you attend them regularly, you can have an easier time avoiding oral health issues that can affect your quality of life and appearance. With that… Read more »

3 Actions That Can Make Cavity Prevention Easier

Are you currently doing enough to make sure that your smile stays cavity-free? People who feel comfortable with their routine sometimes learn that their efforts were less effective than they realized. If you have recently had to have a dental filling or dental crown placed, you should think about how you can do more to… Read more »

Can A Change In Your Routine Affect Your Oral Hygiene?

Seemingly small changes that affect your daily routine may have more impact than you realize. Without noticing, that change in your routine can affect the approach you take to protecting your smile. This can build over time, and you can learn that you are in need of a dental filling or dental crown at your… Read more »

Is It Time To Change Up My Approach To Dental Care?

If your approach to oral hygiene has consistently protected you against problems like tooth decay in the past, can you assume that your smile will remain safe from harm? Is it possible that your ability to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other problems will change as you age? Physical changes are a fact of aging,… Read more »

We Can Address More Than Just Tooth Decay During A Checkup

If a cavity is discovered during your routine dental exam, you can count on your Sheridan, WY dentist to address it. The removal of decay, followed by the placement of a dental filling or dental crown, ensures that the threat to your tooth is fully resolved. While this type of care is important, there is… Read more »