Month: November 2013

Sheridan Dentist Discusses Safety of Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have been adhered to cavities in people’s teeth for over 150 years. Many dentists and patients have moved on to tooth-colored materials for aesthetic reasons, and concerns of an impact on environment and health from amalgam’s chief ingredient of mercury. There are still hundreds of millions of people with amalgam fillings, according… Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Goes Deeper with Dental Cleanings

Most people are great about their daily hygiene. You are likely to take a daily shower or bath, wash your face before bed, brush or comb your hair. Many people don’t brush and floss the recommended twice-a-day, but their dental hygiene is still certainly a part of daily life. Regular dental cleanings are an essential… Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Talks about Teeth Grinding in Children

Stress is something that we try to believe only afflicts us as we reach adulthood. Why should children be worried? Life is handed to them, right? In an idealistic world, children would be carefree, skipping, jumping, running, and playing their free time away. Unfortunately, school, social, and familial demands along with poor nutrition have made… Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Discusses Dental Care of Pilgrims

Thanksgiving is a great time of year for families to gather together and appreciate the history of their lineage. With the use of family trees and new DNA analysis, any one of us can find out how far back our family goes. You might actually be related to one of the pilgrims that feasted on… Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Deals with Bad Breath

Bad breath can put a crimp in your love-life, your social life, and even make your co-workers avoid sitting close to you. This is no way to live. Halitosis can give the wrong impression that you don’t take care of yourself. It can be extremely frustrating when you’re popping gum and mints at every turn,… Read more »