Sheridan Dentist Talks about Teeth Grinding in Children

Smiling Father and KidsStress is something that we try to believe only afflicts us as we reach adulthood. Why should children be worried? Life is handed to them, right? In an idealistic world, children would be carefree, skipping, jumping, running, and playing their free time away. Unfortunately, school, social, and familial demands along with poor nutrition have made life increasingly imbalanced and stressful for our youngest members of society. It’s no wonder, then, that teeth grinding (bruxism) has become a plight that effects people younger and younger in this day and age. Your Sheridan dentist, Dr. Coon, will explain teeth grinding and treatment possibilities involving children.

Kids Feel the Grind of Stress

The prime ages of childhood teeth grinding, you may be surprised to know, would be between the ages of three and six. Luckily, many children outgrow the often unconscious habit once they reach kindergarten or first grade. Unfortunately, bruxism can come back years down the road. The good news is that teeth grinding does not pose a threat of serious damage to teeth in very young patients so treatment is rarely recommended. Once permanent teeth are present, however, bruxism places teeth under strain that could be highly damaging to your child’s future dental health.

TMJ Complications from Bruxism

When a child has bruxism, tooth enamel will eventually wear away, and teeth can become weakened. Fractures, chips, or breaks are very real possibilities for children who grind their pearly whites. They can also end up with the dental complication of temporomandibular joints disorder (TMD). The joints that help you chew, speak, yawn, and open your mouth for any reason are fragile and can cause a great deal of chronic discomfort if they become irritated and inflamed. If your child complains of a sore jaw, call for a consultation with Dr. Coon. He can discern whether or not bruxism is the cause of this irritation, and recommend an oral appliance to protect teeth from grinding while your child sleeps.

Teeth Grinding Help from your Sheridan Family Dentist

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