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Should You Cut Back On Soda To Protect Your Smile?

While people who worry about soda’s effect on teeth emphasize the harm of sugar, there are other reasons to be wary of this beverage type. Colorful liquids like cola can leave stains behind on your enamel, and this can lead to frustrating dental discoloration. The acidity of these drinks is also a potential cause for… Read more »

Gift Ideas For Promoting A Healthy Smile

If you are the type of person who finishes all of their Christmas shopping in July, you may not need any gift ideas. However, if you still have some gifts to buy, this list may provide some inspiration. We have a list of different types of gifts that can promote a healthy smile. So whether… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy In Autumn

Autumn marks the end of the bathing suit weather of summer and the beginning of the indulgent holiday season. Treats start being passed out at home, work, and school; the season of indulgence usually keeps going until the New Year’s Resolutions kick in. So, with all of these treats abound, how do you keep from… Read more »

Ways To Help Your Waistline And Your Smile

The weather is begging to warm up outside, which means that beach season is just around the corner. You want to make sure that you have the best body you can for that two-piece that’s been sitting in the closet, waiting to bust out. That is an admirable goal. Dieting can be difficult, but there… Read more »

Can Medication Lead To Cavities?

As you age into your 60’s and onward, you can become more susceptible to cavities than you were just a few years before. Why is this? It could be a side effect of medications you’re taking. How can medication lead to cavities? The medications you might be taking for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, pain,… Read more »

How Different Beverages Can Affect Your Oral Health

Do you put much thought into how your drink will affect your teeth? While beverages do not require the biting and chewing of solid food, they can still impact your oral health in different ways. If you tend to drink items with more sugar, it could lead to a cavity, and leave you seeing your dentist… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Chewing Gum

Eliminating bad habits that can harm your dental health is a great first step in restoring your smile’s youthful appearance. You have probably heard that chewing on any food which is sticky, or takes a while to chew is generally bad for your teeth. In the case of sugar-free chewing gum, this is actually not… Read more »

The Relationship Between Healthy Teeth and Digestion

The process of digesting your food begins the moment food hits your mouth. As a whole, the digestive system transports and processes food to facilitate the absorption of key vitamins and minerals by your body. Your teeth play an important role in this process. Keeping your teeth healthy benefits your entire body and its ability… Read more »

Can Chewing Decrease your Risk for Dementia?

Chewing is a natural instinct, like breathing. Of course, if you have jaw pain or bite your tongue, the hundreds of times you chew every day without a second thought will suddenly become uncomfortable. As the years pass and people inevitably age, chewing food may no longer remain a given, due to missing teeth and… Read more »

A Diet for Healthier Teeth

Sugar may not technically cause cavities, but it sure doesn’t help you to maintain healthy teeth. The bacteria – Streptococcus mutans – which actually do cause tooth decay love sugar. Any food which contains large amounts of sucrose will increase acid production, creating larger amounts of sticky plaque. Plaque is a biofilm which clings to… Read more »