Should You Cut Back On Soda To Protect Your Smile?

While people who worry about soda’s effect on teeth emphasize the harm of sugar, there are other reasons to be wary of this beverage type. Colorful liquids like cola can leave stains behind on your enamel, and this can lead to frustrating dental discoloration. The acidity of these drinks is also a potential cause for concern. What you can gather from this is that people who frequently drink soft drinks can have a harder time maintaining their dental health. Your Sheridan, WY dentist can talk to you about the potential impact of your soda consumption during a routine dental visit. If you want to protect yourself against tooth decay and stains between appointments, consider swapping soft drinks with water at meals and snacks.

Why Are Soft Drinks A Problem For Our Teeth?

A typical soft drink can contain an alarming amount of sugar, which is what makes this beverage a risk for cavities. If you have several dental fillings and dental crowns already, you should be concerned about the role your sugar intake plays in your oral health. With that said, sugar is not the only oral health concern connected to soft drinks. You can also have a harder time protecting your smile from harm because soft drinks are acidic, which can be trouble for your enamel. Acidic products can soften this protective layer of our teeth and leave us more vulnerable to decay.

Drinking More Water Can Offer Important Dental Health Benefits

Water is more than just a sugar-free alternative to soft drinks. This beverage is not acidic, and there is not a concern that it might stain your teeth and hurt the quality of your smile. Water also helps you stay hydrated, which can make it easier for you to naturally fight tooth decay and gum disease. If your water source contains fluoride, it can further help your teeth stay healthy. Consider replacing flavored beverages with water throughout the day in order to keep your teeth better protected against harm.

What Else Can You Do To Improve Your Dental Hygiene?

Picking up a glass of water can be good for your general and dental health. To further protect your smile, make sure that you are brushing for at least two minutes, and that you use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Remember to floss as well, as brushing alone is not ideal for protecting the spaces between your teeth.

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