Month: November 2014

Invisalign: True-Or-False Quiz

Do you tire of looking at the beautiful, uniform smiles around you while you hide your own smile? Your smile can light up a room and make you feel wonderful about your appearance. Or, it can cause you to shy away from certain situations like social events. If part of your concern in seeking out cosmetic orthodontic care… Read more »

The Relationship Between Healthy Teeth and Digestion

The process of digesting your food begins the moment food hits your mouth. As a whole, the digestive system transports and processes food to facilitate the absorption of key vitamins and minerals by your body. Your teeth play an important role in this process. Keeping your teeth healthy benefits your entire body and its ability… Read more »

The Crazy World of Craze Lines

Are you familiar with a dental condition called craze lines? They can literally drive patients crazy when small fractures in tooth enamel develop and become stained. When craze lines develop on the front teeth they can create the appearance of vertical lines that will likely be visible to others when you talk and smile. Many… Read more »