Month: June 2015

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Some people only need tooth whitening or maybe some composite dental bonding to rejuvenate their smile. However, if you’ve experienced trauma to your dentition, or your teeth and gums are in bad shape for whatever reason, you may need a complete restoration. A full-mouth rehabilitation isn’t only to improve looks. It is also to restore… Read more »

The Benefits Of Composite Fillings

When you need a tooth filled you can choose one of three types of fillings: gold, silver amalgam, or composite. Composite fillings are also referred to as “white fillings” “metal-free fillings” and “tooth-colored fillings.” Because gold fillings are the strongest and can withstand bruxing (grinding and clenching of your teeth) they have often been used… Read more »

A One-Visit Crown?

As tough as your teeth are they can still incur damage. Be it from an accident, a blow to the mouth, biting or chewing on something hard, or tooth decay, your tooth or teeth can become damaged to the point of no salvation. What do you do when that happens? It depends on how much… Read more »

Are You In The Market For A Bridge?

Dental bridges have many benefits. They replace lost teeth, restore your smile, allow you to chew a variety of healthy foods again, allow you to speak with no impediments, they help prevent your face from looking older and sunken in, prevent your teeth from shifting, and help maintain your proper bite position. Bridges are also… Read more »