Month: July 2012

Don’t Let Your Oral Health Go Up in Smoke

There’s a high probability of you having realized by now that smoking tobacco is absolutely destructive to your health. Endless reports show that smoking and chewing tobacco can lead to various types of cancers, as well as emphysema, severe complications during pregnancy, and premature death. Some of the science behind the destruction can be overwhelmingly… Read more »

Sheridan Dentists Discuss Oral Health and Piercings

Piercings have gained a lot of prominence over the last decade or so, becoming more socially acceptable than some people ever thought possible. These days, seeing teenagers walk around with metal accessories in various places is no longer shocking. Even adults are opting for self-expression through tattoos and body piercings, now more than in previous… Read more »

Sheridan Dentist Discusses the Bacteria in Your Mouth

Much ado has been made about the bacteria that reside in your mouth. You know by now that brushing and flossing at least twice a day controls the accumulation of bacteria and plaque to help fight infections such as tooth decay and gum disease. However, not all of your oral bacteria are bad. Your Sheridan… Read more »

Cavity Prevention Tips From Your Sheridan Dentist

Cavities are a common reason for sensitive teeth. They are a nuisance no matter the season, but during the warm months of summer, simple pleasures such as a refreshing glass of iced tea or lemonade can provide you as much discomfort as nourishment. Although Dr. Coon can ease your tooth sensitivity by treating its source,… Read more »