Month: November 2016

What Happens If You Leave Tooth Loss Unaddressed?

What kind of threat does tooth loss really pose to your oral health? The threat it poses to your appearance can depend on where you have missing teeth. If the gap in your smile is harder to see, it can do less harm to your appearance. That being said, there is still a functional concern…. Read more »

Thinking About Your Oral Health Over The Holidays

You may want to spend your holidays forgetting your responsibilities, but unfortunately, you still need to be mindful of your oral health. As we gather to meet with friends and family, and enjoy generous helpings of holiday meals, we can expose our teeth to potentially harmful items. If you are dismissive of your need to… Read more »

Committing To A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

When is it time to consider a full-mouth rehabilitation? If you have several problems that you need to address, one treatment can fall short of your real oral health needs. Your dentist can break down what it will take to bring your smile back to good condition. This can involve working on the health of… Read more »

Quiz: Different Strategies For Restoring Your Tooth

Why would there be different methods for restoring a tooth with a cavity? The way your dentist sets out to stop the spread of decay, and return your tooth to good health, can depend on the severity of your problem. One concern is whether the infection has spread to within your tooth. If you have… Read more »

Will Porcelain Veneers Address My Cosmetic Dental Needs?

Cosmetic dental work enables your dentist to tackle issues you might have with your smile’s appearance. In some cases, patients will have several issues hurting their overall appearance. When you receive porcelain veneers, you can hide multiple flaws with a single treatment. Veneers are used to correct a wide range of problems. Teeth that are… Read more »