Quiz: Different Strategies For Restoring Your Tooth

quiz-different-strategies-for-restoring-your-toothWhy would there be different methods for restoring a tooth with a cavity? The way your dentist sets out to stop the spread of decay, and return your tooth to good health, can depend on the severity of your problem. One concern is whether the infection has spread to within your tooth. If you have endodontic problems because of a cavity, a root canal treatment will be needed to resolve your issue. A cavity that is less serious will not make this necessary. The type of restoration you receive will depend on how serious your condition was. A tooth can be restored with a dental filling when the cavity is smaller; a larger cavity could require a dental crown.


True Or False: The determination of whether to use a dental crown or a dental filling is entirely up to you, the patient.

True Or False: Your composite resin filling can have restore your tooth without disrupting its appearance.

True Or False: Only metal dental crowns can be used when your tooth has been treated for a cavity.


False! The decision to use a filling or dental crown will be made by your dentist. The decision will hinge on how much support your tooth needs after treatment – a larger cavity can require the additional support a crown provides.

True! With composite resin, your dentist can offer discreet restorations. This means enjoying a restored tooth without a visible restoration that makes you self-conscious.

False! Your tooth can be eligible for a porcelain dental crown, which will have a more life-like appearance. This can be ideal for teeth that are more prominent when you smile.