Month: July 2013

Sheridan Dentists Discuss How Dental Bridges Complete Your Smile

Is your smile missing something? Losing a tooth is no trivial matter, and replacing it is vital to preserving the health, function, and beauty of your smile. Without all of your teeth, your bite can lose its balance, wearing down the teeth that take the brunt of your bite’s uneven pressure. With a custom-designed dental… Read more »

How Would You Like a Metal-Free Dental Filling?

If you’ve had a cavity treated in the past, then there’s a good chance that you received a dental filling to restore your tooth after the infection was excavated. For the past century, metal amalgam has been the dental filling material of choice, and has served as a strong and durable restoration for countless patients… Read more »

Sheridan Dentists Explain the Science Behind Invisalign Clear Braces

The obvious effects of crooked teeth can significantly diminish your confidence, but if your goal is to improve your smile, then metal braces may not seem very appealing. Nevertheless, straightening your teeth is important for more reasons than just your cosmetic sensibilities; crooked teeth can also inhibit your mouth’s proper function and facilitate poor dental… Read more »

Sheridan Dentists—The Dangerous Gum Disease Molecule

The beginnings of most dental diseases, including destructive gum disease, can often be traced to the excessive buildup of dental plaque, which contains myriad kinds of oral bacteria that can prove harmful to your teeth and oral tissues. By understanding these microorganisms and the processes that make them dangerous, you can better prepare yourself to… Read more »