How Would You Like a Metal-Free Dental Filling?

excited girlIf you’ve had a cavity treated in the past, then there’s a good chance that you received a dental filling to restore your tooth after the infection was excavated. For the past century, metal amalgam has been the dental filling material of choice, and has served as a strong and durable restoration for countless patients who’ve suffered tooth decay. Today, your Sheridan dentists discuss the next step in the evolution of cavity treatment—metal-free dental fillings, consisting of innovative, discrete white composite resin.

The Beauty of White Dental Fillings

Metal amalgam fillings have been successful for so long because they’re strong and durable; however, as metal, they can often shine conspicuously when you speak and smile, diminishing your smile’s brilliance. Instead, Dr. Coon may recommend a filling made of white composite resin, also known as a white dental filling. As the name suggests, white composite resin is tinted to match your natural tooth structure, creating a virtually undetectable dental filling to restore your tooth. In addition, composite resin isn’t subject to the properties of metal, such as expanding and contracting with changes in temperature (which can damage your tooth and expose it to reinfection).

What Else Can White Composite Resin Do?

One of composite resin’s most endearing qualities, aside from its penchant for discretion, is its ability to bond to your tooth’s structure. The bonding allows the resin to more effectively seal and protect your tooth, reducing the risk of further danger to your tooth. Because of its unique abilities, white composite resin is often used as a cosmetic touchup; referred to as cosmetic dental bonding, the process involves placing the resin over a cosmetic blemish on your tooth, then hardening, sculpting, and polishing the material to blend in with your tooth’s structure.

Learn More About Metal-Free Dental Fillings with Your Sheridan Dentist

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