Month: March 2015

Exceptional Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings

You may feel disappointed when you find out you have a cavity, particularly if you assume you will receive a metal filling. Composed of mixed metals, including mercury, these restorations remove the decay and repair your tooth but they come with a variety of potentially unsavory side effects. To ensure you enjoy a return to… Read more »

Why You Need A Crown

When you hear the term “crown” you can probably conjure up an image in your mind. If you’ve got the right idea, you are seeing a hollow artificial tooth – sometimes referred to as a cap – that will fit over your natural tooth. While you may have a notion that we place these prosthetics… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Fast Facts

Have you been trying to become accustomed to having an open space in your mouth after tooth loss but you just don’t feel comfortable? Are you disappointed in your appearance, causing you to back out of social engagements or to feel embarrassed to speak with others? Whatever the emotional toll tooth loss has taken, it… Read more »

Correct Imperfections With Dental Bonding

What do you think about your smile when you take a look in the mirror? Are you worried about small chips on your teeth? Do you feel like you enjoy the appearance of your smile for the most part but you wish you could magically add a little more tooth tissue in certain areas to… Read more »

The Many Benefits of A Straight Smile

If you are considering clear braces as an adult, you may give yourself a bit of a hard time regarding your final decision. We find that patients love the benefits offered by Invisalign but often wonder whether making a cosmetic improvement to their smile is really necessary. When it comes to aligning your smile and… Read more »