The Many Benefits of A Straight Smile

smileblondebobIf you are considering clear braces as an adult, you may give yourself a bit of a hard time regarding your final decision. We find that patients love the benefits offered by Invisalign but often wonder whether making a cosmetic improvement to their smile is really necessary. When it comes to aligning your smile and bite, we are here to tell you that a straight smile offers advantages you may never have considered before. The benefits are not only esthetic in nature – a straighter smile can also have a significantly positive impact on your oral health and daily comfort. Hoping to learn more? Consider the following information:

Feeling Confident Is Important

The way you feel about your smile has a far-reaching effect on many parts of your day and several aspects of your life. If you feel embarrassed by your smile, you may find yourself avoiding social engagements. You may even feel too discouraged to go for a promotion in your career. Rather than allowing your smile to become an obstacle in your life, it can become a feature you love as well as an asset.

An Aligned Smile Is Easier to Care For

A straighter, aligned smile offers a wealth of oral health benefits that you may not have considered, including the following:

  • Aligning overlapping teeth reveals previously covered tooth surfaces – this will make brushing every surface of your teeth and flossing your teeth much easier and more effective.
  • If you suffer from spaces in your smile, you may be accustomed to the food debris that becomes stuck within those small openings. Closing the gaps will allow you to eat comfortably and clean your teeth effectively without struggling with lodged food.
  • The way your top and bottom teeth fit together is important. When your teeth align well, your jaws may function smoothly and comfortably and you can bite down with ease. When your teeth are misaligned, closing your teeth may feel uncomfortable and may cause some of your teeth to hit one another. This may lead to bruxism (teeth grinding), damaged teeth, and even jaw discomfort as a result of shifting your jaw in an attempt to chew or speak.

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