Month: October 2020

Treatment Options For Patients With Gaps Between Teeth

With the right cosmetic dental services, a number of embarrassing smile flaws can be addressed. One issue that many people want to address is poor spacing between their teeth. If you have teeth that are too far apart, a gap can appear and draw undesired attention. People who want to do something about this often… Read more »

Are You Leaving Yourself Vulnerable To Gum Disease?

How good are you at protecting yourself against the development of gingivitis? To avoid problems with gum disease, you should be in the habit of thoroughly cleaning your teeth at the gum line when you floss and brush. Many people, even those who believe they are doing this effectively, can learn from their dentist that… Read more »

Will Aggressive Brushing Help Or Hurt Your Smile?

Whether you have experienced problems with cavity in the past or not, it can be a good idea to reevaluate your approach to preventive care. By doing so, you can identify mistakes or shortcomings that can lead to real consequences later. One mistake patients sometimes make is assuming that more forceful brushing will help them… Read more »

Poor Bite Function Makes You Vulnerable To TMJ Disorder

What makes a person vulnerable to oral health problems? When you think about people who experience problems that require a trip to the dentist’s office, you may think of individuals who have poor oral hygiene habits, or those who maintain unhealthy diets that are high in sugar. What you might not realize is that a… Read more »

Stop Letting Stained Teeth Affect Your Confidence!

It can be hard to show off a truly confident smile if you are embarrassed by teeth stains. What can be especially frustrating is a failed effort to make your smile brighter. Unfortunately, many people will turn to store bought whitening products and see limited improvements. In order to make noticeable changes to your appearance,… Read more »

How Dental Crowns Fit Into Plans To Treat Cavities

If a cavity develops on your tooth, you will need your dentist’s help to take care of it. If you do not schedule treatment, the cavity will continue to grow, doing more permanent damage to your tooth structure as it does. Eventually, the damage can lead to an infection, and further complications that impact your… Read more »

What Makes Someone Vulnerable To Tartar Buildup?

If you go in to see your dentist for a routine exam, you will have your teeth thoroughly cleaned as well as reviewed. These scheduled cleanings are important to your long-term dental health. Without them, your teeth are vulnerable to the buildup of harmful tartar deposits. What makes tartar so frustrating is that it resists… Read more »

Will A Filling Change Your Appearance Or Bite Function?

Cavities do irreversible harm to our teeth when they form, which is why restorations like dental fillings and dental crowns have to be permanently placed. If you need to have work done to address dental decay, what will the placement of a filling really do to your smile, or to your ability to bite and… Read more »

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help With Minor Chips And Cracks?

Is it possible to avoid restorative dental work if you chip or crack a tooth? Minor injuries that occur can leave you with dental damage that is noticeable, but not serious enough to actually interfere with the way you bite and chew. When this kind of injury occurs, it is possible to have a more… Read more »

Planning Prosthetic Treatment After You Lose A Tooth

If you have already lost a tooth, you should not feel like your smile will never be whole again. With a modern dental prosthetic, you can restore your appearance and improve your dental function. Patients who want to do something about missing teeth can discover that more than one option is available if you want… Read more »