Treatment Options For Patients With Gaps Between Teeth

With the right cosmetic dental services, a number of embarrassing smile flaws can be addressed. One issue that many people want to address is poor spacing between their teeth. If you have teeth that are too far apart, a gap can appear and draw undesired attention. People who want to do something about this often assume that they will have to seek orthodontic treatment. As you look into your options, you can find that your Sheridan, WY dentist can provide results using cosmetic dental services. With Invisalign treatment, we can make orthodontic work discreet and less intrusive. We also have treatment options in the form of porcelain veneers and tooth bonding treatment.

Smile Gaps Can Make Patients Frustrated With Their Appearance

Even if teeth are just a little too far apart, the gap left by their separation can make you unhappy with your overall appearance. Problems with spacing can make a person’s smile appear asymmetrical, a disruptive problem that can affect someone’s overall impression of you. Trouble with spacing can also create a noticeable flaw that will draw more attention than yo want. While people often think about cosmetic services as a means of addressing teeth stains or repairing damaged teeth, the right treatment can help make your teeth look straighter so that your smile appears more symmetrical.

Undergoing Invisalign Treatment To Close A Smile Gap

Invisalign aligners offer a form of orthodontic treatment that does not rely on fixed metal braces. When you undergo this treatment, you will be given a series of clear appliances, with each one designed to move your teeth a little closer to their final destination. Wearing Invisalign aligners can be easier than you anticipate, as they are difficult for others to notice as well as easy to remove when they might be in your way. By straightening your teeth, you can resolve a problem with your smile while also positively changing your bite function.

Discuss Cosmetic Dentistry To Fix Issues With A Gap Between Teeth

Through other cosmetic dental services, it becomes possible to hide alignment flaws, shortening the time that it ultimately takes to change your appearance. With porcelain veneers affixed to the fronts of teeth, we can hide spaces that might be present and attracting unwanted attention. We can also use tooth bonding treatment to close a gap by making teeth appear larger.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Closing Or Hiding Your Smile Gap

Patients at Grinnell Street Dental can find that several services are available if they want to do something about a spacing problem. By straightening teeth, or by hiding a gap with a personalized cosmetic service, you can significantly change the way you look and raise your confidence! To find out more, you can reach our dentist’s office in Sheridan, WY by calling 307-672-7567.