Month: August 2020

Our Dental Fillings Can Avoid Detection When Placed

What will happen to your smile after you undergo treatment for a cavity? You may worry that a cavity in a conspicuous space will mean the end of your confidence in the way you look, as you imagine receiving a restoration that looks awkward and out of place. What you should know is that at… Read more »

The Role General Exams Play In Keeping Your Smile Healthy

What does your current approach to preventive dental care look like? How often do you floss, and how much time does it take you to brush your teeth? The right approach to daily smile care is important, as it will help you avoid cavities, gum disease, and tartar buildup. One thing you should not ask your daily… Read more »

Bonding Treatments Make Cosmetic Work More Convenient

What is it going to take to restore a tooth that looks too small, has visible damage, or is otherwise flawed? It may surprise you to learn that problems with the shape and condition of a tooth may be treatable without the use of a permanent restoration. With a dental bonding procedure, we are able… Read more »

Can The Right Treatment Improve Your Asymmetrical Smile?

Even if an asymmetrical smile is not unhealthy, it can make a person feel self-conscious. All it takes is one uneven tooth, or one untreated issue with cosmetic damage, to through off your appearance and make your smile seem uneven. Because difference issues like physical trauma, naturally occurring flaws with tooth shape and size, and… Read more »

Make Plans To Regain Your Full Smile After Tooth Loss

It can be hard to avoid feelings of discomfort when you experience tooth loss. In fact, you may find yourself struggling with unhappiness over the way you look while also experiencing the physical discomfort that people can endure when their smile is incomplete. Fortunately, the right prosthetic dental work can give you back your full… Read more »

Can Dental Decay Cause Permanent Issues For Your Smile?

If dental decay turns into a cavity, the damage to your enamel will be permanent. The amount of harm that ultimately occurs will depend on how soon a cavity is treated after it forms. Smaller amounts of decay can be addressed with a dental filling, while larger cavities can require dental crowns. While your enamel… Read more »

How Concerned Should You Be About Teeth Stains?

If your teeth are starting to look stained, does it mean they are in poor health? Stains can be hard to completely avoid, and they can gradually accumulate over time even as you work to protect yourself against dental decay. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can recommend cosmetic dental work if you are… Read more »

Maintaining Good Oral Health Habits Throughout Your Day

On a semiannual basis, you should attend routine dental checkups. These preventive appointments provide important support against tartar buildup as well as updates on the state of your smile. When you attend them regularly, you can have an easier time avoiding oral health issues that can affect your quality of life and appearance. With that… Read more »

3 Actions That Can Make Cavity Prevention Easier

Are you currently doing enough to make sure that your smile stays cavity-free? People who feel comfortable with their routine sometimes learn that their efforts were less effective than they realized. If you have recently had to have a dental filling or dental crown placed, you should think about how you can do more to… Read more »

How A Custom Oral Appliance Fits Into TMJ Treatment

Difficulties with biting and chewing can build over time. If your jaw movement is compromised, uneven, or unusual in some other way, tension on your joints and muscles can lead to pain and sensitivity. You also have to worry about the alignment of your joints being negatively affected. These problems, along with teeth grinding issues,… Read more »