Month: July 2020

Do Your Teeth Overlap And Look Crowded? Invisalign Can Help

When teeth are too close together, they can overlap each other or sit at odd angles. This can give the appearance of crowding, and it can make it hard to remain confident in your smile. While issues with malocclusion are often addressed during childhood, adults can develop problems after their teeth shift, or because the… Read more »

Tooth Decay Can Be More Harmful Than You Realize

Many people who work to protect their teeth from harm will still have at least one cavity in their lifetime. When decay becomes a problem, you should see to it that the matter is dealt with as soon as possible. Giving the cavity time to grow means letting more of your tooth structure suffer permanent… Read more »

Improve Your Smile By Restoring Worn Or Misshapen Teeth

Teeth can gradually become worn down over time, a problem that can cause your confidence in your smile to suffer. What should you do about this issue? The right treatment can depend on just how severe the issue is, and how it might have impacted your dental health. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, patients… Read more »

Can A Change In Your Routine Affect Your Oral Hygiene?

Seemingly small changes that affect your daily routine may have more impact than you realize. Without noticing, that change in your routine can affect the approach you take to protecting your smile. This can build over time, and you can learn that you are in need of a dental filling or dental crown at your… Read more »

Is It Time To Change Up My Approach To Dental Care?

If your approach to oral hygiene has consistently protected you against problems like tooth decay in the past, can you assume that your smile will remain safe from harm? Is it possible that your ability to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other problems will change as you age? Physical changes are a fact of aging,… Read more »

Are You Growing Frustrated With Dental Sensitivity?

A cold drink can be a refreshing way to fight the summer heat, but people with dental sensitivity can find the experience uncomfortable. Sensitivity issues can make it hard for people to enjoy hot and cold items, and may also affect someone’s experience with sweets. For some, sensitivity issues can make every meal, and every… Read more »

We Can Care For Your Injured Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

As a cavity worsens, the damage to your tooth can spread. Eventually, the harm will be significant enough to ensure that treatment with a dental filling is no longer an option. In a situation like this, or in one where your dentist has to address a physical injury, a dental crown will be able to… Read more »

We Can Address More Than Just Tooth Decay During A Checkup

If a cavity is discovered during your routine dental exam, you can count on your Sheridan, WY dentist to address it. The removal of decay, followed by the placement of a dental filling or dental crown, ensures that the threat to your tooth is fully resolved. While this type of care is important, there is… Read more »

Overlooked Oral Health Issues Can Lead To Serious Trouble

How bad can a problem with a cavity really be? If enough time passes, that cavity can lead to a painful tooth infection, which can eventually lead to further health complications as bacteria move through the roots of your affected tooth. Gum disease, like tooth decay, will worsen in time and cause alarming complications if… Read more »

Regain A Complete Smile With An Implant-Held Restoration

Once you lose a tooth, you can find that your confidence is shaken. You can also find that tasks like eating and speaking are more difficult, which can lead to further negative feelings. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed through the placement of a dental prosthetic. A custom replacement tooth allows you to close a… Read more »