We Can Address More Than Just Tooth Decay During A Checkup

If a cavity is discovered during your routine dental exam, you can count on your Sheridan, WY dentist to address it. The removal of decay, followed by the placement of a dental filling or dental crown, ensures that the threat to your tooth is fully resolved. While this type of care is important, there is more that you can count on during a visit to our practice than just help with cavities! Preventive services help patients avoid many problems with their dental health, including problems with their periodontal health and jaw pain. Thanks to laser technology on site, we are also able to help patients who develop embarrassing cold sores.

Tartar And Plaque Are Removed During Your Routine Cleaning

As part of our commitment to caring for your smile, we provide dental cleanings in addition to evaluations. Through the careful cleaning of your teeth, we are able to remove plaque as well as tartar. While brushing and flossing remove plaque deposits and food debris, tartar will have to be removed through your professional cleaning. By taking care of this issue, we make it less likely that you will have issues with gingivitis or dental decay at your next visit!

We Can Address Problems With Jaw Stiffness And Pain

Do you find yourself frustrated by stiffness and pain when you move your jaw? You may be dealing with TMJ disorder. People develop these issues for different reasons. Some have problems because they grind their teeth, others have unresolved problems with their bite alignment, or an issue with arthritis in their jaw joints. To help you ease your pain, we can provide a custom appliance that you wear while sleeping. It gently changes the position of your jaw to alleviate stress that the joints and muscles are under, which leads to relief over time.

Embarrassed By A Cold Sore? We Can Treat Them With Lasers

Cold sores can uncomfortable, and they can also cause you some embarrassment when they form. With laser technology, we are actually able to address this problem and spare you discomfort. Lasers are used to encourage fast healing, and can prevent a cold sore from erupting if it has not done so already. In addition to resolving the problem in a short time, lasers can actually make you less likely to have a cold sore erupt in the affected area again!

Schedule A Checkup At Our Sheridan, WY Dentist’s Office

Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is proud to help patients stay safe against cavities, but tooth decay is just one of many matters we are prepared to address! We offer services that protect healthy smiles, and we are also ready to step in if you have problems with your jaw, with cold sores, and with many other concerns! To find out more, please contact Grinnell Street Dental by calling 307-672-7567.