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Helpful Hygiene Tips For The Holiday

Keeping your smile healthy this holiday

With Christmas around the corner and New Year’s Eve right after that, we know how busy you are with traveling, parties, and celebrations. However, that does not mean you should be ignoring your dental hygiene. In today’s blog, your Grinnell Street Dentistry in Sheridan, WY, has a few helpful tips on how to end the… Read more »

Tips To Keep Holiday Smiles Healthy

The winter season means a lot of different things to different people. For many of us, it means time for family and the joy of the holidays. That time with the family can include traditions of baking cookies or making homemade candy. There are aisles in stores devoted to red and green treats. On top… Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Help With A Cold Sore

Cold sores can be embarrassing and unsightly. These blisters, concentrated around the mouth area, can develop thanks to the herpes simplex virus. This can lead to irritation or pain, but you can also suffer symptoms like a sore throat or a fever. Your dentist can help address cold sores with laser treatment. By seeking this… Read more »

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Some people only need tooth whitening or maybe some composite dental bonding to rejuvenate their smile. However, if you’ve experienced trauma to your dentition, or your teeth and gums are in bad shape for whatever reason, you may need a complete restoration. A full-mouth rehabilitation isn’t only to improve looks. It is also to restore… Read more »

The Benefits Of Composite Fillings

When you need a tooth filled you can choose one of three types of fillings: gold, silver amalgam, or composite. Composite fillings are also referred to as “white fillings” “metal-free fillings” and “tooth-colored fillings.” Because gold fillings are the strongest and can withstand bruxing (grinding and clenching of your teeth) they have often been used… Read more »

A One-Visit Crown?

As tough as your teeth are they can still incur damage. Be it from an accident, a blow to the mouth, biting or chewing on something hard, or tooth decay, your tooth or teeth can become damaged to the point of no salvation. What do you do when that happens? It depends on how much… Read more »

Are You In The Market For A Bridge?

Dental bridges have many benefits. They replace lost teeth, restore your smile, allow you to chew a variety of healthy foods again, allow you to speak with no impediments, they help prevent your face from looking older and sunken in, prevent your teeth from shifting, and help maintain your proper bite position. Bridges are also… Read more »

Is Dental Bonding For You?

If you think whitening is the only cosmetic treatment you can afford then think again. Believe it or not, there are other quick and easy ways to improve your smile even if you have physical defects. There is no need to go all out and have a complete smile makeover if you don’t have the… Read more »

Are At-Home Whitening Systems Safe?

White teeth are all the rage, but it is not just a fad. A white smile can go a long way. There has been research indicating the many benefits of smiling, and the many benefits of an esthetic smile. Some of those benefits include being happier, more successful, and having more opportunities in your social… Read more »

What Are Metal-Free Fillings?

Do you know the difference between fillings? The most commonly used fillings in the past were silver amalgam fillings, but today there are metal-free fillings. Metal fillings can mar a beautiful white smile even if they are only used in the back molars. When people open up their mouth to laugh or yawn, metal fillings… Read more »