Month: March 2020

Develop A Routine That Successfully Fights Tartar Buildup

When tartar forms on your smile, you may notice small concentrations of yellowish or brownish material on teeth. Upon noticing these concentrations, you may be alarmed to discover that they are not removed when you brush and floss your teeth. The buildup of tartar on teeth can make preventive dental care more difficult, and it… Read more »

3 Benefits To Receiving A Same-Day Dental Crown

Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office possesses the technology needed to design, develop, and place dental crowns in as little as one appointment. What does this mean for our patients? Hopefully, you never experience the kind of tooth decay or injury that makes the placement of a crown necessary. To ensure that you can avoid the… Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene May Be More Important Than You Realize

What benefits can a thorough oral hygiene routine really provide? There are obvious reasons to keep up with good brushing and flossing habits – you can avoid cavities, remove particles that might stain your teeth, and defend yourself against gingivitis. What you might not realize is the role that oral health care can play in… Read more »

Your Stress Levels Can Impact Your Oral Health

Because periods of stress can be difficult to avoid, it is important to know how your experiences with stress might affect you. One thing people sometimes overlook is the relationship between stress and their dental health. When you are undergoing a period of stress, it can affect your schedule, it can lead to harmful habits… Read more »

Should You Cut Back On Soda To Protect Your Smile?

While people who worry about soda’s effect on teeth emphasize the harm of sugar, there are other reasons to be wary of this beverage type. Colorful liquids like cola can leave stains behind on your enamel, and this can lead to frustrating dental discoloration. The acidity of these drinks is also a potential cause for… Read more »

3 Things That You Ought To Know About Tooth Decay

Thanks to the protection from our enamel, our teeth are able to remain in good condition despite having a difficult job. We can generate significant force whenever we bite and chew, and oral bacteria can cause corrosive harm by releasing acids. Between the natural strength of our teeth and good oral hygiene, we can maintain… Read more »

Is Something Missing From Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

What can you do to feel more confident about your oral care routine? Is it time to change up your approach to brushing and flossing? Is your diet keeping you vulnerable to cavities? By visiting your dentist for regular dental exams, you can bring your concerns to an oral health professional. In addition to performing… Read more »

Has An Injured Tooth Hurt Your Smile? Your Dentist Can Help

Even if the problem is not serious enough to affect your oral health, a tooth injury can be a permanent concern for your smile. Injuries can leave a person with teeth that look jagged or misshapen, or affected by a visible chip or crack that mars their overall appearance. What can be done in this… Read more »

We Can Find A Lasting Solution For A Serious Smile Concern

While many people are fortunate enough to have lovely, memorable smiles, others may feel that their appearance is hindered by the appearance of their teeth. Dental flaws can range in type and severity, as some people can be bothered by minor issues with discoloration while others are worried about more significant issues, like tooth loss…. Read more »

How Much Do You Really Know About Cavities?

One of your primary goals when brushing and flossing is to prevent cavities from forming. If one is present on your tooth, it will take treatment from a dental professional to properly address it. People often have a basic understanding of cavities, and are aware that they need to see their dentist to have the… Read more »