We Can Find A Lasting Solution For A Serious Smile Concern

While many people are fortunate enough to have lovely, memorable smiles, others may feel that their appearance is hindered by the appearance of their teeth. Dental flaws can range in type and severity, as some people can be bothered by minor issues with discoloration while others are worried about more significant issues, like tooth loss. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals who want to feel more confident in their appearance by offering a range of cosmetic dental services. For people who are affected by oral health issues, we can recommend restorative dental procedures that have positive effects on your appearance!

Embarrassed By Discolored Teeth? We Can Select An Effective Cosmetic Procedure To Address It

If your teeth are stained by tobacco, or because of accumulated food and beverage stains, we can recommend a professional whitening treatment. Because store bought whitening products are often limited in what they can do beyond removing surface stains, they can have a difficult time producing meaningful results. However, we can use professional strength whitening agents to deliver more exciting changes. We can also talk to you about using restorations to improve the color of teeth that are negatively affected by internal problems that might cause discoloration.

We Can Provide Durable Restorations For Damaged Teeth

Dental damage that is not serious enough to affect your oral health can still have a negative impact on the way you look. Even slight chips in teeth, or wear and tear, can be enough to throw off the symmetry of your appearance. We can restore teeth by performing tooth bonding treatments, which enables us to carefully change their shape, size, and even color. We can also use porcelain veneers to restore your smile if you are affected by damage or wear and tear. If you have more serious damage, we can still restore teeth in a smile-friendly way by placing lifelike dental crowns on them.

Addressing Smile Gaps Through Prosthetic Dental Work

Few problems are as difficult to miss as tooth loss. Thanks to implant dentistry, we can provide you with a restoration that is held directly against your jawbone. The implant in this scenario would act like an artificial root for a prosthetic tooth, which can help with both functional support and your appearance.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Your Smile Concerns

Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is proud to help patients take care of their teeth if they feel self-conscious about their appearance. If you want to discuss changes to relatively minor flaws, or if you want to take on bigger problems, we can help! To find out more about our different dental services, please call Grinnell Street Dental today at 307-672-7567.