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Reshape A Chipped Tooth For Your Smile’s Sake

Once your tooth is chipped, it can feel like your smile will never be the same. Even a small amount of damage can draw attention you would rather not have. In addition to the flaw itself, your appearance can suffer because your smile is no longer symmetrical. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to… Read more »

Tackling Your Doubts About Your Smile

There are different issues that can make you unhappy with how you look. When it comes to smile flaws, even minor issues can draw considerable unwanted attention. As frustrating as it can be to have something wrong with the appearance of your teeth, there are effective solutions that you can explore. Your Sheridan, WY dentist… Read more »

Can Veneers Make My Smile Symmetrical?

If you have an issue with your smile that makes it look uneven, it can be hard to feel confident in your overall appearance. Symmetry is an important esthetic quality. Unfortunately, it is also one that can be easily disrupted. Just one minor issue with one tooth can be enough to deprive you of it…. Read more »

Making Teeth Whitening Accessible To Patients

Do you currently have access to the right teeth whitening treatment? You may have easy access to store bought materials that offer help with dental discoloration, but these products can fail to produce the results that you want to see. What you can do to see better results is talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist… Read more »

Hiding Flaws Caused By Crooked Teeth

How hard is it for you to overlook the effect that poor spacing between teeth has on your smile? Even minor trouble can create the kinds of gaps and overlaps that make it difficult to show off a truly confident appearance. Fortunately, the flaws that currently hurt the quality of your appearance can be easier… Read more »

What Results Can Dental Bonding Provide?

How much improvement can you really expect from a cosmetic treatment that does not use a restoration to cover up flaws with your teeth? Through dental bonding work provided at our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, you can enjoy corrections for discoloration, dental damage, poor teeth spacing, and more that have held you back from projecting… Read more »

Do Porcelain Veneers Make Sense For Me?

Do you feel as if you are stuck with a smile you are not excited to show off to the world? Is it hard for you to ignore the flaws that hold your teeth back from looking their best? With the right cosmetic procedure, you can put these problems to rest and gain a welcome… Read more »

Has Your Smile Become Less Bright?

It can be tough to accept that your smile is not as bright as it once was, but it can also be hard to ignore the changes in your appearance that have occurred. What can be even more frustrating than recognizing this change is trying to treat it, as store bought options for whitening your… Read more »

What Would You Like To Know About Invisalign?

How comfortable are you with your smile? When you have issues with your appearance that are linked to poor teeth spacing, the idea of treatment can be appealing, though concerns about metal braces can make you less eager to discuss what services are available to you. Fortunately, traditional metal braces are not the only way… Read more »

Dental Bonding Can Target Your Smile Flaws

Whether they feel prominent or just visible enough to be a nuisance, smile flaws can be difficult to live with. Fortunately, they can be easier to treat than you anticipate. With the right cosmetic procedure, you can target a problem with your appearance while minimizing changes to your tooth structure. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office… Read more »