Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Learn What Veneers Can Do To Change Your Smile

There are treatment options that are effective at restoring a number of frustrating smile flaws. As you look into cosmetic dental work for your own smile concerns, you can find that porcelain veneers are able to take on a number of potential issues that affect you. These slim restorations help patients affected by discoloration, problems… Read more »

Trusting Tooth Bonding Treatment To Restore An Injured Tooth

Dental injuries can hurt your appearance, they can jeopardize your oral health, and they can feel unfair. After all, a sudden injury can completely undermine your efforts to maintain a healthy and attractive smile, one that you are proud to share. Even if the injury ultimately only affects your tooth’s appearance, it can still be… Read more »

Picking A Teeth Whitening Procedure That Fits Your Schedule

Are you eager to show off a brighter, whiter smile but unsure of how you can fit a professional whitening procedure into your schedule? Many people feel that their only option is to pick up a teeth whitening kit from their local grocery store or pharmacy, but these whitening treatments can do less than you… Read more »

Using Invisalign To Deal With Poor Teeth Spacing

The way your teeth are spaced affects more than just your appearance. Poor alignment can certainly be a cosmetic concern. When there are noticeable gaps between teeth, or when you have teeth that overlap in awkward ways, you can have a difficult time smiling with real confidence. What you also need to be aware of… Read more »

3 Smile Flaws That Veneers Can Address For You

Cosmetic dentistry can tackle many embarrassing and frustrating problems with teeth that look unattractive, or simply do not fit in with your smile. These flaws may not affect your oral health, but they can still negatively impact your confidence in ways that affect your willingness to let people see your teeth when you smile or… Read more »

Can Tooth Bonding Put Your Smile Concerns Behind You?

Through cosmetic dentistry, our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office has helped many people gain confidence in their appearance. The right procedure can help you by making your smile brighter, by covering up dental damage, or by resolving issues with tooth shape or size that may make you self-conscious. What might surprise you is that a conservative… Read more »

Treatment Options For A Patient With A Cracked Tooth

If you crack your tooth, you should make its treatment your priority. Even if the damage does not seem significant at first, it can grow worse in time if it does not receive the proper care. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help whenever a patient comes to us about dental damage. We… Read more »

Do You Feel That Your Smile Should Be Whiter?

Do you hesitate before smiling because you are embarrassed to reveal stained teeth in pictures? Do you feel frustrated by the gradual change in the color of your enamel, or worry that discoloration is a sign that you have poor oral health? Unfortunately, even people who successfully prevent difficulties with dental decay can struggle to… Read more »

Using A Veneer To Restore A Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth

If one tooth stands out in your smile because of its shape or size, or because it is damaged, your confidence in your appearance can plummet. Through cosmetic dental work at our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, that single flawed tooth can be restored to ensure that it no longer draws unwanted attention. One thing we… Read more »

3 Treatments That Can Restore A Chipped Tooth’s Appearance

Until it is restored, your chipped tooth can cause problems for your appearance as well as your bite function. Even minor chipping is a valid concern. Unfortunately, because our enamel cannot simply repair this damage, it will be permanent without treatment. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we provide multiple treatment options for those who… Read more »