Month: July 2021

How Invisalign Addresses Poor Teeth Spacing

The way your teeth are aligned can certainly affect your appearance. Symmetry is important to how we look, and someone with gaps or overlaps between teeth can feel that their smile is “awkward” or uneven. These problems also create their own flaws that can make you feel self-conscious. What you should know is that poor… Read more »

When Biting And Chewing Hurt

How common is it for you to feel pain when you try to enjoy a meal or snack? Your routine biting and chewing movements should not be a source of discomfort. If they are, it could be because you have an issue with TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joint alignment and movement can lead… Read more »

Using Metal-Free Fillings In Cavity Treatment

Cavity treatments need to include the placement of fillings or crowns. With no restoration present, your tooth would be vulnerable to physical damage and infection. Fortunately, you can now count on having access to treatment that restores your appearance as well as your oral health. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help you… Read more »

How Same-Day Crowns Restore Smiles

If your tooth is injured, or if you have a serious cavity, you may need to trust a dental crown to restore your oral health. What does this mean for smile? How long will it take your dentist to provide a restoration that is ready to provide permanent protection? At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office,… Read more »

Do You Know What Veneers Can Do For Your Smile?

It can be easy to point out what you would like to change about your smile. Every time you look at your teeth in the mirror or in a photograph, you can find yourself honing in on certain flaws that you would like to change. However, it may be more difficult for you to determine… Read more »

Committing To Better Oral Hygiene Habits

How can you make sure your smile stays cavity-free through the years? Will your habits today keep you safe from dental problems in the future? The right way to approach smile care can change if your relative risk for problems changes. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can offer guidance on preventive care to… Read more »

Treatment Options For A Chipped Tooth

Losing confidence in your smile can affect how you interact socially, and it can lead to understandable concerns about your oral health. While changes often occur gradually, it just takes one unfortunate accident to leave you with a chipped tooth that makes you self-conscious. The good news is that this is a problem we can… Read more »

Choosing To Pursue Dental Bonding Treatment

Whether you have one specific concern or more general problems with your smile, you can find that cosmetic dental work is able to help you. The right treatment can hone in on individual flaws, or it can help you make broader improvements. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office offers different services to those who want to… Read more »

Common Concerns About Cavity Treatment

When you have a cavity, you need to see your dentist – if you go without treatment, the decay will worsen, and that can lead to complications that put you at risk for tooth loss. While people tend to know that dental decay is a problem to bring to their dentist, they can hesitate for… Read more »

Can My Dentist Help With Cold Sores?

What kind of embarrassing dental problems would you expert your dentist to help you address? Concerns about dental damage or teeth stains can be addressed through cosmetic treatment. A problem with chronic bad breath or uncomfortable jaw movement can also be addressed. It may surprise you to learn that in addition to helping with these… Read more »