Month: November 2012

Sheridan Dentist Explains How Gums Age

As we grow older, our bodies become more susceptible to illness. Arthritis, heart-related issues, and dementia, among many others, seem to become more common among the older population than among their younger counterparts. Numerous studies have shown that oral health is no exception, and gum disease also seems more prevalent amid older generations. Dedicated Sheridan… Read more »

Calm Down for Better Oral Health

What you eat isn’t the only thing that can affect your teeth; your state of mind plays an important role, as well. Elevated stress levels can lead to dentally detrimental habits, and if proper care is not taken, irreversible damage can occur. To help you stay aware of how everyday worries can affect your teeth,… Read more »

Why Teeth are More Thankful Now Than During the First Thanksgiving

As homage to the wide variety of food offered at the first Thanksgiving, many people’s tables will be laden with different kinds of meat, fruits, vegetables, sides, and desserts this year. The inevitable assault on your teeth is sure to raise at least a little dental health awareness, and we hope that you brush and… Read more »