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Understanding Tooth Extraction and How To Prevent It

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket. While dentists strive to preserve natural teeth, there are instances where extraction becomes a necessary intervention. Understanding the reasons behind tooth extraction, as well as preventive measures, is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant smile. In today’s blog, your Grinnell Street… Read more »

Your Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

Grinnell tooth replacement

We understand that having a missing tooth can be concerning and make one feel self-conscious about their ability to smile or eat. The good news is that we can help you restore your smile back to its natural feel once again.  In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist discusses two popular options we offer: the CEREC… Read more »

Restore Your Natural Smile with A Bridge

Grinnell bridge

Have you been concerned about gaps in your smile? These spaces can cause a multitude of problems for your overall oral health. In today’s blog, your  Sheridan, WY, dentist discusses how dental bridges can restore function and beauty to your smile.

Will My Dental Bridge Stay Secure?

It can be difficult to smile with confidence after losing a tooth. It can also prove harder than you anticipate to enjoy certain foods, as your ability to chew can be compromised. Working around a gap in your smile can help, but you can still find yourself dealing with heightened jaw pain due to those… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss With A Dental Bridge

It is not easy to adjust to tooth loss, even if you have less to worry about in regards to your appearance. This is more than just a superficial issue. While it may be hard for people to see the gap in your smile, a missing back tooth is still an issue because it negatively… Read more »

Placing Your Custom-Made Dental Bridge

Rather than feel like you have to live with an incomplete smile, you can talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist about what a custom prosthetic restoration can do to improve your appearance and dental health. As you look into your options for care, you may be surprised at just how much good a custom dental… Read more »

Closing A Smile Gap With A Dental Bridge

Your smile, your dental function, and your overall confidence can falter when you lose a tooth. This is a problem that people often associate with old age and poor health, making it a source of embarrassment for many who suffer from it. It can also interfere with your ability to confidently bite and chew certain… Read more »

What You Can Expect From Your Custom Dental Bridge

When you decide to go without a replacement for a missing tooth, you expose yourself to more than just an embarrassing cosmetic flaw. Our natural bite function operates with the expectation that we always have a full set of teeth. What that means is that one missing tooth is all that it can take to… Read more »

Planning Prosthetic Treatment After You Lose A Tooth

If you have already lost a tooth, you should not feel like your smile will never be whole again. With a modern dental prosthetic, you can restore your appearance and improve your dental function. Patients who want to do something about missing teeth can discover that more than one option is available if you want… Read more »

What Keeps A Dental Bridge From Shifting Or Coming Loose?

A prosthetic dental appliance can give you back your complete smile, and it can help you bite and chew with greater comfort. To provide functional benefits, a restoration should be secure enough to stay stable over the years. Dental bridges are able to stay in place without the need for oral surgery, as they are… Read more »