Month: July 2022

Information For People Who Live With Jaw Pain

Do you currently live with recurring jaw pain? When this discomfort is caused by TMJ disorder, it can become a persistent and worrying issue. Unfortunately, you can experience more than just discomfort in the jaw, as this problem can also lead to issues with headaches, limited bite movement, facial discomfort, and problems with neck and… Read more »

Effective Coverage For Cracked Enamel

A cracked tooth may be more than just a cosmetic issue. You may not have immediate issues, but that damage can leave you with less protection, which means more harm can come to your enamel as you continue to put pressure on it by biting and chewing. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can… Read more »

Do Metal-Free Fillings Offer Bite Support?

If you have to undergo treatment for a cavity, you can be relieved to know that care that preserves your appearance is available. While this can be a relief for many, some individuals may worry that this will mean that they are not able to put bite pressure on their tooth without jeopardizing their restoration…. Read more »

Placing Your Custom CEREC Crown

When we take care of a patient’s smile, our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office will look for the most conservative treatment solution that can provide lasting value. In some cases, this can mean providing a dental filling or cosmetic procedure, but there are issues with your health and appearance that require dental crowns. Fortunately, we use… Read more »

We Can Help When Stains Dull Your Enamel

If you take care of your smile consistently, you can avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease, which means you remain safe against problems that threaten your well-being. However, you can still worry over your appearance because stains continue to build up gradually and hurt how you look. To help deal with enamel stains,… Read more »

How Will Veneers Address My Smile Flaws?

How comfortable are you with the way your smile looks today? Whether they have always been a concern or they are more recent, dental flaws can cause significant embarrassment. It can be difficult to ignore the effect that discoloration, enamel damage, problems with your tooth shape and size, and issues with malocclusion can have. Any… Read more »

Fully Restoring Your Unhealthy Smile

If your smile is affected by several problems, the amount of care you require can feel intimidating. How long will it take you to see the right results? What if one of your issues grows more severe before you can treat it? Will the care that you arrange end up affecting your smile? To help… Read more »

Bringing Up An Interest In Invisalign

If you have problems with the way your smile looks that can be traced back to malocclusion, should you say something to your dentist? People who are bothered by poor teeth spacing may assume that they have to rely on the help of an orthodontist to treat this issue. What you can find at our… Read more »

Prosthetic Care With A Custom Dental Bridge

You may have a hard time thinking of another dental problem that is as conspicuous and frustrating as tooth loss. The absence of just one tooth is enough to take away your ability to bite and chew in a way that feels natural. You can also struggle because you are not able to maintain a… Read more »

How Bonding Treatments Correct Flaws

Even a minor dental flaw can be hard to live with, particularly when that flaw seems to stand out whenever you smile and speak. While it may be difficult to keep the problem covered on your own, it can take less time and effort to fix something that is wrong with a tooth’s shape or… Read more »