Fully Restoring Your Unhealthy Smile

If your smile is affected by several problems, the amount of care you require can feel intimidating. How long will it take you to see the right results? What if one of your issues grows more severe before you can treat it? Will the care that you arrange end up affecting your smile? To help you enjoy the right restorative services and have the right experience with care, our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can recommend that you begin a full-mouth rehabilitation plan. Through the creation of your custom plan, we can make sure that all of your needs are addressed, that your outlined treatment schedule suits your needs, and that your smile looks attractive at the end of your services.

What Currently Stands Between You And A Healthy Smile?

When you have more than one cavity to treat, or when you have multiple issues with your smile, the amount of restorative work you need can feel intimidating. Unfortunately, uncertainly around care or fears that the right services are out of reach can lead to delays that result in a person’s oral health growing worse. By having all of your issues outlined by your dentist, and working together to create your treatment plan, you can feel more confident that your smile can be properly rehabilitated. We are ready to meet with you and create a full-mouth rehabilitation plan that addresses all of your problems as well as your concerns. In addition to taking care of cavities, we can address problems with enamel damage, TMJ pain, and other problems that can affect your quality of life.

Taking On Problems With Damaged, Decayed, Or Missing Teeth

A review of your smile can reveal that several teeth need to be restored. Those that have more advanced problems can be cared for with custom dental crowns. We have the technology needed to produce same-day crowns, which means we can have your results ready in less time than other offices can require. For cavities that we catch in time, we can use dental fillings, which occupy less space and reduce the amount of preparatory work in your treatment. We can also look for less severe chips and cracks that can be restored through cosmetic services.

Improving Your Bite Function To Address Ongoing Pain Issues

When you have unresolved problems with your bite movement, jaw pain and stiffness can become a part of your daily life. To address this, we can recommend that you have TMJ treatment included in your rehabilitation plan. In addition to correcting problems that cause jaw pain and sensitivity, this improvement in your bite can help make bite pressure more even.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Fully Restoring Your Smile

An effort to fully restore your smile and oral health can feel intimidating, but the right support can make treatments easier to plan and undergo. To learn how we can provide a full-mouth rehabilitation for you, please reach out to Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY at 307-672-7567.