Month: September 2017

What Is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Throughout your life, your smile can take on quite a bit of damage. Whether by accidents, decay, injury, or just general aging and wear, your smile may not look the way it once did. A full-mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive overhaul of your smile; it can correct both health issues and cosmetic ones. With a… Read more »

A Filling Can Stop A Cavity From Progressing

Tooth decay is a progressive disease, which means that it will continue to get worse until it is treated. Decay attacks the enamel of the tooth; in the early stage, it will appear as white spots on your enamel. Eventually the attack will lead to a cavity, which means that the decay has broken through… Read more »

Is It Possible To Get A Crown In One Visit?

A dental crown is permanent protection for a vulnerable tooth. A crown restores your tooth’s ability to bite and chew. It can restore the appearance of your smile, and depending on the location, may restore your ability to speak clearly. A crown offers protection to teeth that have been severely damaged from decay or injury…. Read more »

Bridgework And Your Smile

If you are missing even just one tooth, replacement is important.  Missing teeth may cause bone loss in your jaw, increase your risk of losing more teeth, and cause your other teeth to shift placement. Replacing your tooth or multiple teeth can help to prevent some of these potential risks. When considering the options available… Read more »