Month: September 2014

Do you Need a Dental Filling or a Dental Crown?

Sheridan dentists Dr. Cody Coon, Dr. Donald Coon, and Dr. Justin Coon offer many terrific dental solutions which are fast and effective, including the CEREC dental crown one day system. Even though many dental terms are well known, there are still some people who aren’t quite clear on the difference between two of the most common and… Read more »

Ready for your Next Dental Visit?

Many people get nervous before a dental appointment for a multitude of reasons. This can be especially true if you are going to a new dentist for the first time. To compound your anxieties, if you’ve been putting off dental checkups for a long time, or you suspect a serious issue, you may be tempted… Read more »

Dental Health Concerns for Osteoporosis Patients

There is a large percentage of people living to much riper old ages than ever before. Approximatley 40 million people are aged 65 and older. With the large Baby Boomer generation heading into their sixties and seventies, this number continues to grow. Age brings certain common medical conditions like osteoporosis which weakens bones and increases… Read more »

Cosmetic Dental Bonding: An Overview

Cosmetic dental bonding has been around for years, yet it is one of the cosmetic dental procedures that is the least known about. Recent advances have increased the strength, durability, and longevity of bonding restorations, but the heart of the procedure has remained the same, and continues to produce great, natural-looking results.
Bonding is pretty simple compared to other cosmetic procedures. Tooth colored filling material, called composite resin, is applied to your teeth in order to create a more visually pleasing smile. Bonding material can be molded and shaped to achieve outstanding results.