Do you Need a Dental Filling or a Dental Crown?

Sheridan dentists Dr. Cody Coon, Dr. Donald Coon, and Dr. Justin Coon offer many terrific dental solutions which are fast and effective, including the CEREC dental crown one day system. Even though many dental terms are well known, there are still some people who aren’t quite clear on the difference between two of the most common and powerful restorative dental procedures: dental fillings and dental crowns.

Dental Fillings

By definition, a dental filling is a dental restoration used to restore the function and integrity to a decaying tooth which is missing part of its natural structure. Most patients are familiar with dental fillings because they restore cavity-laden teeth. Tooth decay is the most common dental health problem. At Grinnell Street Dental, we are proud to be a metal-free dental practice, meaning that we use tooth-colored composite resin dental fillings as opposed to the silver amalgam fillings which used to be commonplace. A composite resin filling is actually bonded to the tooth, creating an extremely durable and natural looking restoration. Additionally, composite resin dental fillings cannot atrophy or leak. This offers years of use without you having to worry about the durability of your restoration. Because of the white or tooth color of these restorations, your filling will blend in with your surrounding tooth structure and maintain the integrity of an all-white smile.

Dental Crowns

Unlike a dental filling (which covers only a small portion of a damaged tooth) a dental crown covers the entirety of a damaged tooth, essentially creating an entirely new crown. Your teeth endure extreme temperatures, grinding, gnashing, trauma, and day-to-day pressures. Dental crowns must be durable, fit as well as possible, and be fabricated from the highest quality materials. To ensure the proper fit and function of your dental crown, wewill expertly design, place, and fit your dental crown over the course of one or two appointments at our Sheridan dentist office.

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