Month: December 2014

Tooth-Friendly Foods For The Holidays

You all know that the holidays can be tough on your waistline. There is so much food and so many goodies, from candy, to cake, to pie, hot chocolate, wine, and on and on. But your waistline is not the only thing that suffers. Be aware of your dental health. Most of those goodies listed… Read more »

Foods To Avoid During The Holidays

Admit it or not, the Christmas holidays are a time of indulgence. We indulge ourselves with food and drinks, and we indulge our children with gifts. That’s okay. Christmas only comes once a year right? However, overindulgence may not be good for your tooth health. So if you’re wondering if there are certain foods you… Read more »

The Mystery Of Crooked Teeth

Have you ever wondered why you needed braces but your brother and sisters didn’t? You might think that if you had crooked teeth so would your whole family. There are several reasons someone might have crooked teeth, and heredity is only one of them. Regardless of why your teeth are crooked, having crooked teeth can… Read more »

One Visit Crowns

Did you ever think you could go to the dentist and walk away with a dental crown the same day? There was a time it would take weeks and several visits, but no more. Today’s dental technology makes things easier, faster, and less uncomfortable for patients. Your Sheridan, Wyoming dentists offer CEREC one-visit crowns.  Durable… Read more »